Friday, June 29, 2007

it's over! and i am coming home!

[[Warning: this is going to be a long post, don't read it unless you have eaten your meal/ gone to the toilet and done your business/ done your homework/ done your "brought home" officework, you have been sufficiently warned.....]]

the exams came to a conclusion with a 1 hour rotational styled VAP practical examination. 17 stations. 5 rest stations. 4 parts to each station. and only 1hr. Ji Tao Power!

madness really. i heard that some other vet school doesn't have practical exams in year1. how come i so suay sia?!?

think can pass the VAP prac not with flying colours definately. cuz i didnt really study for it. no mood lah... after the mad dash to study for the main VAP paper the day before. sleeping a total of 1.5hrs only (and i calculated i slept only a maximum of 4hrs in 48hours, trying to cram the entire module in 2days). <>

it was kinda funny while during and after the VAP paper, scan around and i see the majority of the class looking very disheveled, haggard, ash-white in the facein other words "shitified"and the % of dark eyes/ eye bags was almost 100%, including muaself.

i couldnt help it but laugh. haha! VAP is really a love-to-hate, hate-to-love relationship. times i want to cry 'cuz of the amount of stuff you have to remember and laugh 'cuz of the fact that i actually love doing all these shite.

the bunch of us that have been gathering in my room for studies for the last 2 weeks decided that we arent going to go through dis shite routine again. therefore next sem we are going to do constant revision. heard from seniors, that in yr1 you can still afford to cram at the last min but starting yr2 there will be too much to do it last min, not possible even if you don't freakin' sleep for the entire study break period.

scary thought.....*shudders*

moral of the story is : don't do last minute studies (something everyone is guilty of, i dare you say not!!) provided you are hardcore nerd and you have no life, HAHA

last night, a few of us rented some dvds and bought some drinks, we watched "Battle Royale" the original version (if the Toad is reading this, "yes, i finally watched it after dunno how many donkey years later after hearing about it from you" CMI i know i know, haha)

and i recognized the lead actor in BR; none other than the actor who was casted as 夜神 月 in DeathNote.

BR is kinda funny, i thought it would have been scary giving all the killing that was suppose to be going on. But the bunch of us watching was laughing throughout the entrie movie, partly due to the music that was being played during the daily annoucements reporting the latest killings.

the 2nd movie was Saw 2, not too bad i would say. but all the trouble just to get the detective? abit the "duh" ah...

rented Saw 3 & The Prestige too, but we decided that it was enough for the night, brains were all overloaded and oxygen starved for the last 3 weeks or so, too much "thinking" movies in 1 night will really kill it. HAHA

I really like The Prestige, don't mind watching it twice over. For those who haven't watched it. I highly recommend! Thumbs Up!
[AF gang, maybe you guys can consider the movie for the marathon @ Cow's, although afew have already watched it, sure some others haven watched it?]

have started on 1 of my resolutions earlier this sem, picked up a club in school, now for the 2nd resolution, i have signed up for a language class, no prize for guess which lah... everyone in SG was into this language back afew years ago "very the 哈日" they call it. haha. we will see how it goes, it's just an intro class.

hopefully i can complete the last resolution before i get back to Sydney at the end of the month.

chanced upon this taiwan talent time show "超级星光大道", has been going on since the beginning of the year. rather good show, keep an eye out for "迷幻宥嘉", this 19 year old 花莲 native. very powerful voice, his name is "林宥嘉" actually. haha.

check out this vid and see for yourself, duet with 康康, song entitled "到不了"

going back to SIN in 3 days! feels unreal! going to enjoy myself as a tourist for the next few days, check out some stuff in city, sad to say i haven't seen much of Sydney since i got here. lol. life revolves alot around afew places, mainly my neighbourhood, the school, Chinatown, George's Street occasionally. Sad right!

heading out for awhile to explore the QVB area, clear the head, breath the cold air. winter time.

P.S : i forgot to mention whole new personal record for muaself [4hrs sleep in 48hrs], the previous record was [8hrs sleep in 48hrs back in '99]. haha!!! siao liao....

Oh ya, Absolut Cut is not too bad. I don't remembering seeing Absolut Cut in SG, is there any? if not, i don't mind buying some back.

Any recommendations for DFS Shopping? i say first, i buying for myself. haha, but don't mind sharing what i bought.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

has always been

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a solitary walk.....


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

check out this vid

the young chap's name is 于浩威, the older guy is the frontman for 搖滾東方 (previously 東方快车).

于浩威 is only 19 sia~~~


Saturday, June 02, 2007

I am.....

suppose to be studying for the sem exams which are fast approaching at the end of the month, 1st paper is on the 18th (shit!)

need to study study study..... argh....

excuse me, while i try to stuff my brain with the porkers & baconers

and hopefully start on the canine anatomy (bones / muscles / muscle functions...omg)

cheers and enjoy your friday chill-out night everyone~~!!

while i stuff myself silly with books. HAHAHA.

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