Sunday, August 26, 2007

just this evening

finish another Matthew Reilly's novel, Temple, this time..

i'm pretty sure i read it before, maybe 3years ago??...well nevermind...haha....couldn't remember the storyline anyway, only bits and pieces

will be getting more of his novels in school now...

if only i am that "勤勞" for my school work...ah well...

tomorrow is the start of yet another school week... lights turned amber and soon to red.

better stop monkeying around like i always tell myself that, but never get down to it

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Fire, Water, Wood & the rest

i thought that if i don't start writing about the past 2 weeks' events, i will most probably forget everything before the end of this week. ha!

in short:

Rain - was crazy for the past 2 weeks, with rain almost everyday and strong wind, and i thought it was the ending of winter...far from seems~~ crossing fingers for good weather this coming week, haven been shooting hoops for the past 1 week.

Fire - the lodge finally had a REAL fire, after dunno how many umpteen times of false alarms, the real mojo came on a tuesday late night (technically wednesday early wee morning at 0100hrs), was settling in the bed and really my then-latest novel, "Scarecrow" went the alarm went off, initially slow but gradually progressed to an urgent sounding 1, hence i packed up my VIB (verri important belongings) and headed down the fire stairs to the exterior of the building. fast forwarding all the events in between, i managed to get back to my room at 0300hrs. wasted 2 hours, no thanks to the idiot who most probably threw a smoking article into a luckily unoccupied room on level 2.

Wood - finished yet another book in 3 seatings, Matthew Reilly's "Scarecrow", highly recommended. very fast and intriguing novel

School - the bunch of us came up with these 2 new terms, namely, "Chucks" & "Duckens". While talking over lunch about the "not-so-glam" sidelines of the MC students over in Brighton. the conversation led to talks on "free-range poultry" and "barn poultry", with the hens known as the "Chucks" and the roosters known as the "Duckens", it's a hybrid thing, you know.

if i have lost you in the above paragraph, it's alright. haha.

Manchester United - the new season of EPL has started and i have been following the scores online quite frequently. A not so good start for the Devils, they lost (again!) in the Manchester Derby (shitified!!) and good o' reliable Scholesy scoring the only United goal to date, what the hell is going on ??!!??

Prac Classes - have finally started on Fridays, 24th was the 1st session; handled the sheeps and they were pretty easy once you have managed to floor them [yes, literally "floored" them] haha!

Tests - are coming up fast, OMFG.... better jia you

Jap Class - pretty good so far, but i have been lazy to recognize the Hiragana characters..haha...see if i have the time anot lah ah...haha...we will see

till the next post, ja mata ne~~

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

today has been a sunday

so many new albums out, so little time to listen.

the pull-up-my-sock-and-study day was a flop, ended up playing ball for 2hrs.
and currently almost finish reading "Marley & Me". shessh.

it's been a long time since i can pick up a book and finish reading it in less than 5 sittings.

ultimately, it is myself i disappoint, no?

ponderin' mua :

"everyone talks, but who really listens?"

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

yet another week gone by

the week came by quickly, and in celebration of the nation's birthday, we had a mini gathering cum potluck at a friend's place on the 9th... some of the spread included sardine roti john, meat pies, salad pasta, fried finger food and sweet potato soup... might have been others but i can't really remember.

oh ya, we watched the live telecast on the Net, was pretty much lagging half the time thou ~

Friday came and i didn't head for the booze and ktv this time =) instead a small bunch of us went for the free BBQ at rooftop and later adjourned for a chill session of playing cards and guitar at a friend's room which we finished off with a coffee session at Badde Manors ending the night at around one-ish....

today was a lazy day as well, had lunch at a newly opened Singapore Cafe by a coursemate's bro's friend & family (yeah, very far-off affiliation, i know), $8 for a plate of Hainanese Chicken Rice, pretty good, but will watch the frequencies of eating there. haha. trying to keep the expenses down this semester.

after which, headed to the famed Bondi Beach with 4 other friends and a dog =P, nothing much really, waves weren't high today, bet the surfers surf also sibei sian

think tomorrow will be a try-to-pull-up-my-socks-and-study day

Wish me luck ~~~

current temp : 21C [getting warmer now, we were wandering on the beach in shorts and flip flops]

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

hazy aftermaths ??

random shots of boozing haha... was lazy to put them up till today, where i am finally slacking at home

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
the night after the final paper

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
2nd night after the final paper

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Smirnoff Triple Black with the AF gang & another separate session with the COP colleagues

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
last night's Satay night fever

now that i realize when you start counting... it's been alot of booze for the past 1 month or so, pictures do not include those that session in which i didnt take any photos, i think it is about another 2-3 session??

shit. have to get back to reality now.

yesterday's Sashimi session at Sydney Fish Market
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

and finally for those far away from home peeps & all remaining whom are interested, a glance at the marina bay platform for this year's national day parade, taken from the car along the highway.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

p.s: took a photo of the Singapore Flyer, but the picture was too blur, upon completion, it will be the world largest Ferris Wheel. till then, more info here.

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Have you got the Fever?!?

Satay Night Fever at 7pm later!

free local comfort makan and wine to go along (pai sei hor, wine is BYO, not FOC, hahha!!)

weather was pretty hot for the past 2 days, but turned much colder today as there were showers in the late morning till afternoon.

had YET another ktv session, siao gina bo!!! =D but i really think it has been too much ktv, kena overloaded liao. will guai guai go tak my che for the upcoming weekend and the week to follow.

oh ya, had the 1st gross anatomy dissection yesterday, fresh "sample", i named "him" Brownie, he is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. will not go into the details as to what i did to him, but let's just say we had to examine the respiratory tract from the frontal sinus to the different aspects of the lung lobes.

practical was good but also tiring. haha!

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Week Duo...

the event last week was not bad, chit chatted with a bunch of peeps till the wee morning. was initially kind of "stunned", overwhelmed by the no. of people crowding in the small apartment.

haven laughed that much in 1 night, really =)

also had a couple of cups of wine =P

met more new people =D

coming up is Satay Night on Friday!

week 2 of school, have to pick up the momentum liao....

tomorrow is a loooonnnggg day....

end school at 1pm but there is a group study after that and a Whaling Awareness Talk back in school at 6pm [that cost me 12 buckaroos, better be worth it!]

more details later.

currently: 22C [today was pretty hot, i guess it is just the absence of the wind]

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