Thursday, September 29, 2005

I almost died-ed

I was contemplating whether to blog about the incident later this morning. ‘cuz it is seriously malu

I’m so bored and not focusing today that “to hell with it, I will blog.” and let you guys have a good laugh before dinner to work up your appetite

Was on the way home after mucking around mugging at conz’ place last night. As 鱼圆 would have blogged on my not-so-quiet departure.

Dropped by Bullcreek for some quick groceries shopping, was at the bus stop waiting for the bus, when this Chinese fella [whom initially I thought was a cheena native china Chinese] alighted from this bus and also waited at the bus stop.

I was stoning spacing out, when he approaching me and asked “has the 11.15 bus left?”

I replied, “ah, no, haven’t come yet.”

He said, “oh ok, good then.”

I continued to stone space out…

Then, he continued asking , “did you just came here?”

In my mind I was like thinking “kaoz, newbie foreign students also have a particular look one ah?”

I replied, “ya, just came earlier this year.”

At this point in time, I was trying to place his accent “confirm either cheena china Chinese or indo-chinese”

I asked and it turns out he was Indonesian Chinese alright. After a few more mins, it turned out he has been here for 2 years studying engineering at UWA.

Where is the interesting bit ??? …wait lah..patience…

I was thinking “这样好死, like that also can strike conversation?”

Blardy hell the very next thing he asked about me, I tell you I almost fainted on the spot.

He asked, “Don’t you have to do national service?”


I not guy leh, do what national service???!!?????

I was seriously too embarrassed to tell him I’m not a guy, that I dumbly said,” ahh..not yet

OMG, I actually said that!!!!!

Confirm alot of you chio ka peng liao….
Recapping the incident, I already feel like dying..

So suay heng, that fella also took the SAME bus as me to the SAME stop some more. He was working at the mall’s foodcourt.

That 20mins was seriously like going on forever.

Now I can add the 6th point to the “7 Things I Am Scared Of” section in the se7en barr-ton

Being mistaken as a guy, WTF??


This type of incident hasn’t happened in a long time liao, it really doesn’t help that I still have short hair, boyish features?, wearing a big jumper [‘cuz the mornings are cold and windy over here] and carrying a big bagpack.

Go on. Chio bah. Wa zhun bi ho liao.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Back for awhile....

I. have. updated.


I'm suppose to be on hiatus lah. what the hell....

exams is next week you know..stupid buggers lah..haha..joking joking...

been sleeping alot lately and sleeping earlier & earlier everyday. totally nutcase.

if only i'm like 入江直澍, wah kaoz...then "爽" (song4) liao...

aiya. that's it.

nothing else to add.


Saturday, September 17, 2005

se7en barr-tonn *updated*

previously from pat, updated some stuff....

7 Things That Scare Me

1. Horror Movies.
2. Mistaken as a les, which is damn fcuked up. i'm kinda homo-phobic.
3. People crying, ‘cuz I don’t know how to comfort them.
4. People invading my personal space
5. When I'm not in control of situations. [I'm a control freak]
6. - leave it blank for the time being, cant think of any –
7. - leave it blank for the time being, cant think of any –

7 Things I Like The Most

1. KTV-ing ever since I started back 2 years ago.
2. Being by myself and stoning without any one to disturb me.
3. Grandma’s cooking. Really learning to appreciate my grandma now.
4. Watching EPL & boozing with my matesss
5. My bags.
6. Dogs.
7. Pool [not the blue liquid pool, the green mat pool]

7 Important Things In My Room

1. My bed.
2. My mp3 player.
3. My Dell Inspiron 700m.
4. My backpack & messenger bag & wallet.
5. My passport, if not how to go home?
6. My books.
7. Myself. Ha.

7 Random Facts About Me

1. If there is anything that I will splurge on is on bags. I am bag crazy.
2. I love wet markets. Not NTUC or Shop n Save. Those wet and smelly veggie & fish & meat markets. Especially, the "stench" of the place.
3. I love milk & eggs.
4. Don’t talk to me in the mornings, you are more likely to get pissed or ignored by me.
5. Hungry me is an angry me.
6. I play majong. Gambled all forms of legalized bettings in sg before.
7. I don’t have a sweet tooth.

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die

1. Get a car (either); mini cooper, land rover, VW golf, VW beetle
2. Travel around the world, and go to the Oktoberfest in Germany.
3. Learn a musical instrument (either); acoustic guitar, keyboard or percussion. 4. Have a vet clinic of my own.
5. Find a kan tang.
6. If possible, I want to get a photo taken with Paul Scholes & autograph of course.
7. Learn Japanese & Thai.

7 Things I Can Do

1. piss people off quite easily [i am stubborn and very tempermental]
2. not get lost
3. sleep with the lights on [eh???]
4. finish 3L of milk in 1 week [ehh??]
5. sleep for 24hrs [thats the max i ever slept]
6.- leave it blank for the time being, cant think of any –
7.- leave it blank for the time being, cant think of any –

7 Things I Can't Do

1. watch a horror movie
2. read a chinese novel
3. give a public speech
4. be very sociable
5. be unorganized
6. not bathe before sleeping
7. be mushy

7 Things I Say The Most

1. Wah lau eh…
2. Siao ah ?!?
3. wah piang eh...
4. Kan Ni Na!
5. Kao bei lah!
6. Chee bye !
7. Ka Na Sai !

7 Celeb Crushes

1. Paul Scholes; he is my ultimate “ou xiang”
2. Leo Di Caprio.
3. Chen Han Wei.
4. Zheng Yuan Chang.
5. Edison Chen.
6. Guan De Hui.
7. Wong Hei.

7 People Who Will Have To Do This

Pass also no 1 will do. Dont waste time thinking of names.......

Sunday, September 11, 2005

On hiatus

nau hia! my blog also kena spam-edd. whats with the adverts!

forced to activate verification.

I know mua is very very slow, but i kinda regretted not being able to see the series of 绝对Superstar when it happened. Only managed to catch some parts of an episode when i was back in July. Have a few recordings of some contestants. Very good voices, no faces to them though. LOL.

SI & its winner is rubbish in my opinion. 1st runner-up is lagi more rubbish.

Exams coming up. Have to stop blogging that frequently.

In quarantine.


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Music heals the soul

listening to JJ singing live is damn shiok. wonder if he is going to have a concert in sg.

I'm reminded of home. I don't know why.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Soccer not Football, you sucka

Since coming over earlier this year, I have only watched 1 soccer match. No, not the socceroos or crap local soccer. The real stuff, EPL. The one and only match was the 2004/2005 FA Cup Final of Man United against ‘em Arse. Crap results shall not go much into it.

I was deprived of soccer action. Didn’t get to watch the weekly matches. Damn! Paul Scholes isn’t getting any younger should watch all his matches till 2008 [contract ends then]. I’m a major fan of Paul Scholes, and super anti-“Bake Hams”. Don’t tell me how good the latter is, I’m just bias. HA!

Since then, I started following the local Football League [AFL they call it] whenever I have the time on Fridays, Sats and Suns. The very first match I saw was that of St Kilda’s vs. Sydney Swans, quite entertaining once you get around how the game is being played.

Current joint table leaders are the Adelaide Crows & the West Coast Eagles [surprise surprise, WA has something good. Ha!]. Apparently their skipper is sort of the poster boy in this part of the country.

Any “football” action is better than no football action. I guess.

And I’m going to miss the World Cup action next year. Wah Piang Oi…..

Image hosted by
Paul "He Score Goals" Scholes, The Ginger Prince

Friday, September 02, 2005

pooot pooot

For the past few weeks now, I have been farting quite frequently. Till the point it is getting quite annoying. I mean if you fart every 1 hrs or so, isn’t that irritating?

In classes [of cause discreetly lah.duh], in toilets [can’t fart loudly if I’m outside, sa-ka-li people outside can hear, very “malu” you know], on buses, while walking, shopping, [ok, think you peeps get the point].

Think is cause of my diet, I know that excessive carbohydrates caused fart, further information shows that most of the stuff I eat causes excessive endogenous gas buildup.
For example,

Milk, yogurt, cabbage, broccoli, bread, rice…then again these are staple stuff leh.

Wah piang eh….How ah?

Image hosted by

Read more about flatulence here. Pooot pooot.

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