Sunday, September 11, 2005

On hiatus

nau hia! my blog also kena spam-edd. whats with the adverts!

forced to activate verification.

I know mua is very very slow, but i kinda regretted not being able to see the series of 绝对Superstar when it happened. Only managed to catch some parts of an episode when i was back in July. Have a few recordings of some contestants. Very good voices, no faces to them though. LOL.

SI & its winner is rubbish in my opinion. 1st runner-up is lagi more rubbish.

Exams coming up. Have to stop blogging that frequently.

In quarantine.


Yes...the verification is alittle ma fan....but bo bian...spammers are more irritating. :P
wish u all the very best! come back when it's over! :)
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