Sunday, January 21, 2007

of Starvation Stage

man, now I know how it feels to go about a day without food intake. by the time I reached home, I was having an acute headache and a foul temper. =)

learnt quite abit from seniors at the Pre-Departure briefing, dragged till 7 plus where we had to leave.

Liverpool beat the blues out of the monies chosen troop. Muhaha.... 9 pts now!

After half a loaf of bread, a cuppa malt tea, and the above scoreline.

I'm a happy roach again.

P.S : Taiwan in 8 days!! This time, there will be Hualien & Taichung in the itinerary. Now, I'm feeling the excitment.

P.S : A very very cool guy, out to make a difference in your everyday life. Go on, give him a hug!


Thursday, January 11, 2007

on 2006

2006 was .... how would i put it? whole new light?

on the resolutions i made

1) get my driving licence

i flunked the 1st time round, hope to be 2nd time lucky. really.

2) get a job

got a job and it was relevant to what i will be doing in future, stayed with it till now. though not doing full time liao.

3) get a hobby

got it. but barely getting going. well, at least i started.

4) read my books

successfully got back to reading books. though it's not what i used to be capable of clearing. lol

Uncertainty has been lingering within me for the whole 1 year, this uneasy feeling that i can't place.

but why?

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Eve

new year's eve was spent K-Boxing at Cineleisure with some old polymates that i haven been seeing for quite sometime.

the group split around 10plus and was going to head on home and spend the last few mins of 2006 counting down on my bed when a close friend asked to hang out around the estate central.
we were joined by a few others.

the "hang-out" evolved into a "into the wee morning drinking & "five-ten" session plus supper at a favourite joint" followed by dai dee. there was a mixture of a few brands of beer brew to go around.

unfortunately, no one lost it. haha.

and nope, there wasn't fireworks to countdown to, this year. as per previous years (with the exception of 1 or 2 years, can't remember which 2, my memory fails me).

maybe i can usher in 2008 with fireworks along the bay at the Opera House.

who knows?

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