Sunday, January 21, 2007

of Starvation Stage

man, now I know how it feels to go about a day without food intake. by the time I reached home, I was having an acute headache and a foul temper. =)

learnt quite abit from seniors at the Pre-Departure briefing, dragged till 7 plus where we had to leave.

Liverpool beat the blues out of the monies chosen troop. Muhaha.... 9 pts now!

After half a loaf of bread, a cuppa malt tea, and the above scoreline.

I'm a happy roach again.

P.S : Taiwan in 8 days!! This time, there will be Hualien & Taichung in the itinerary. Now, I'm feeling the excitment.

P.S : A very very cool guy, out to make a difference in your everyday life. Go on, give him a hug!


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