Saturday, August 27, 2005

Mua, Mua & Mua

plug the following from freewheeler's, just for fun liao know more about Da Roach~~

1. Would you marry for money? true love baby! lol

2. Have you had braces?- nope, i guess pretty soon bah

3. Could you live without a computer?- nah! i get withdrawal syndromes. haha. kidding on the later part.

4.If you could live in any past time period when will it be?- i'm pretty happy with the present world. maybe back to the '90s

5. Do you drink enough water?- never. i'm guilty of not drinking enough.

6.Do you wear shoes in the house or take it off?- of cuz take it off lah, dirty the entire house meh

7.What are your favorite fruits?- durian, banana, papaya

8. What is your favorite place to visit?- eh...europe bah...i want to go to the oktoberfest at least once in this lifetime

9. Are you photogenic?- haha. kidding me, i dislike taking photos.

10. Do you dream in colour or black and white ?- not sure

11.Why do you take surveys?- only take them when i'm very very bored [like now]

12. Do you drink alcohol? - yesh of cuz ~ but i'm clean for 3 weeks now. keke

13. Do you like being kissed when you are asleep?- wahaha! shamelessly to say. i don't mind! keke. but only kantangs need apply!

14. Do you like sunrises or sunsets the most?- rainy days can?

15. Do you want to live to be 100?- no

16. Is a flat stomach important to you?- i wouldnt say its not important, nor is it very important

17.When you watch movies at home, do you like the lights switched on or off?- usually watch with the lights on, never occur to me to switch them off.

18. Do you believe in magic?- not harry potter definately. LOL

19. Do you like to watch cartoons?- used to. i love teenage mutant ninja turtles lah! leonardo, donatello, raphael & michaelangelo. so cool names for such cool turtles! cowabunga dude!

20. At what age did you find out that Santa Clausdid not exist?- mua not christian. dun believe in santa claus, christmas is just another public holiday.

21. Do you write poetry?- never, i don't talk in rhyme....

22. Do you snore?- don't think so

23. you sleep more on your back, front,or sides?- sides

24. Would you rather have a poodle or arottweiler?- GSD or husky can?

25. Are you basically a happy person?- haha! i'm the great worrier.

26.Are you tired?- of this survey? ok, still hanging in there

27. Did you drink anything with caffeine in it today?- funny you should ask, i just had a cuppa kopi

28. How many phones do you have in your house?- i share house leh...personally i have only 1 handphone. no house phone.

29. Do you get along with your parents?- no

30. Do u smoke?- never

31. Do you like/love anyone now? - yup, kantangs loh.

32. What will you do if you're sad?- either lock myself in my room, plug in my earphones or start drinking. i'm not the verbal sort.

33. What you need most now?- warmth

34. What song you listenin to now? - "大海爱蓝天" by Eddy Pang

35. What are you craving for now? - teh tarik

Friday, August 26, 2005

Feelin' Heng

feeling very heng today sia...

lets start from last night,

mua reached home only to discover that mua earphones were missing! shit!
took the earlier bus to school this morning and heng heng found the earplugs with the librarian at the counter. wah seh, if not i'm gonna heartache liao.. $70+ bucks down the drain.

managed to catch the buses today almost without having to wait umpteen "hours" for it, the buses were like reaching upon mua was at the bus stop. on top of that, the bus after school didnt stop at the PnR, wah! save at least 10mins onboard.

accompanied my housemate to her old place to collect some stuff, and i was waiting on the neighbour's lawn. stepped off it and cross to the other side, reached the other side, turned around and found the sprinklers to have just switched on! Heng yet again, if not kena soaked liao.

had 3 tests today though, quite alright i guess. feel good and everything moves along smoothly.


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Just A Quote

i found to be rather amusing.keke. no time to type a proper entry. make do. make do!

from a current novel i'm reading. taking way too long to read it too.

"We have 4% of the world population. We have 18% of the world economy. But we have 50% of lawyers. And 35 000 pouring out of law schools every year.

That's where our productivity is directed. There's where our national focus is. Half of our TV shows are about lawyers.

America has become Land of Lawyers. Everyone suing. Everybody disputing. Everybody in court.

After all, 3/4 of a million American lawyers have to do something. They have to make their $300 000 a year.

Other countries think we're crazy."

[taken from "Rising Sun" by M. Crichton]

Monday, August 22, 2005

Running out

of time liao...

wah piang chem is still sucking....die ah...

add oil add oil

ok now

back to the routine and no more eating out!! well... as least for the next week or so, burn money like incense paper on Hungry Ghost Festival.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Ultimately ...

i'm a loner at heart.

i never did like crowds, thats 1 of the reasons why i was looking forward to australia. back in sg, i wouldnt think twice to make a big circle and taking more time in the process to get to my destination if it means i could avoid the interchange [my home estate's interchange is like mini orchard road, i tell you].

i would rather walk than take the service bus [saving money and at the same time avoiding the bus crowds]

i'm not the sort to go party or "chiong" at clubs, only to return stinking as if you hadn't bathe in 10 days or smelling like stale cigarettes.

the college graduation night is approaching in another 2 months, everyone in school is hyped up. "what you wearing for prom ah?" or "which table you sitting at?" or "die lah, haven't get gown. no time! no time!"

i seriously dont get the hype and excitment over that event. whats the big deal? Most of them tell me stuff like "you pay $70 for the prom already, you know?" and "you can't graduate if you don't go, you know?"

what rubbish indeed, i haven't been to my primary, secondary and poly graduation nights and i've still graduated. Also, by "trying" to save that $70 for the prom, one has to spend a hundred AUD or so in preparation for the event. Now, you tell me if you have ended up saving or spending more $$$ ? I feel that it's penny wise, pound foolish.

Bottom line is: I feel necessary to give attention to friends if i'm going out with them, 'cause otherwise i find it pretty rude to ignore them. Respect is important. But at the same time, i find it tiring to always entertain. Hence, i think i'm better off alone.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

O' busy busy busy-ness

been quite busy the past few days; insufficient sleep, sleepovers, missing last bus, presentation, test, excursion, seminar such such. ha.

haven felt that lethargic in quite awhile. yeah yeah call me the old bag of bones and flesh. =) hmm..found feedback recently that i've been rather "negative" in my posts. so, i must be more positive and crap lame stuff liao ah? that includes more smileys' no? =) =) =) <-----nah!

then again, i have to say i'm more of a great worrier. worrying is me. i worry about missing the bus, not on schedule, getting lost, even the weekly spelling test back in primary school. everything has to be proceeding smoothly. my way. haha.

oh ya...been told not to stone so much. then again, stoning is also me! peeps back in SG will tell you how much i stone. most of the time, friends will talk and i'll be the one listening. i discover the "crappy-er" side of me in poly, with the CLS club peeps. nowadays my crap and lameness got skill 1 ok! dun pray pray ah!

just found the wonders of shoutcast...hhaa.. am slow no??

Image hosted by
head scratch. at the PnR.check out the story here.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


can't get to sleep...alot of ground to cover tomorrow..but still very much awake...

think i'll try again...nightzz..

kt,kt, here i comezz...

kachuaz + conz = absolute suayness

as i'm typing this...

i have missed the last bus home earlier tonight by 7 freaking mins

staying over at a friend's place

some houses just outside have blacked out in the storm

the room flicked afew times not long ago

i asked conz "eh..why we say we very suay today ah?"

conz replied " 'cuz we just are"

what type of answer is that? duh

pat lee is over too after hearding that i was "impromptu" tonn-ing

such pesky cake. LOL

Friday, August 12, 2005

The Naked Chef. Jamie Oliver.

Image hosted by
The Naked Chef

eh...why is he called the naked chef ah? weird nick sia....

anyway why suddenly blog about this fella.

overheard the school librarian [the older, not so PMS-ing one, people from MC can tell you how PMS-y the 2 librarians are like, i swear] asking this bunch of Yr 10 [i think] guys, "so you need so many of you to borrow a tape?" [like what the hell, they want the damn tape then give them lah, mak fuss for what. super bo liao. jia pa bo sia pang. then make so much noise disturb the peace in the library, then mp3 players are prohibited. how to freaking study you tell me lah!!!!]

i digress. the main point is not me getting upset over the PMS-y librarian. is the tape in question.

"so you want the tape on Jamie Oliver?" afterwhich, i didnt pay attention to the conversation. chionging homework.

suddenly thought of the cook book by Jamie Oliver that i got for my aunt for her birthday last year. ever since, she is pretty hooked on his tv programmes, she even managed to obtained P* of the programmes. power sia, considering the fact she know nuts about d/ls. keke.

think i might get a part 2 for my aunt's collection when i get back to SG. The book is atrociously priced over here.

oohh...ya..for all you know that "Jamie Oliver" tape might have not even been the chef..maybe some famous poet, writer, historic figure, artist or something.... hahaaaaaaaaaaa..........

bo liao right this post. bo pian. jia pa bo sia pang. blah. shoot me.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Day of Celebrations

YESH! Net is up and running. This time it is my own phone line and my own net account. Haha! Good time indeed, see if I can find the webcast of the celebrations online later…or has it ended by now?

Happy National Day to all Singaporeans! Both overseas and within the “red dot”. I have to say, National Day is the only day that I feel patriotic. Other days I don’t think about it. Singaporean? Bah. Hee Hee.

But this year, I sort of miss the atmosphere, not that the previous years I have been really celebrating the Day [definitely not wearing red tee and white shorts, like what they used to make us do in primary school], wah biang eh, damn “tu”.

Yesterday night was singing all those “Singapore” songs with my housemate [ I like JJ’s rendition of “Home”] , today in school I sang Majulah Singapura. HAHA. And to think back in primary & secondary schools, they sort of force us to sing it every damn morning or evening before or after school.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Return of the Kachuaz!

yesh i'm back!

not that anyone misses me right. lol.

moved to my new place last saturday. have to say the new location is so much better. can get my stuff & other barang barangs with ease.

damn the telcom company, take so damn blardy long to re-connect the phone line. that's why i MIA for so long.

watched a movie "the island" for $6.50 [ha! still cheaper than SG] blardy hell, mistook "the island" for another movie; one which is about a group of scientists travelling back to the past and then accidentally changing the future when they "stepped off the path". what movie is that ah? damn, i thought it was "the island"......

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