Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Day of Celebrations

YESH! Net is up and running. This time it is my own phone line and my own net account. Haha! Good time indeed, see if I can find the webcast of the celebrations online later…or has it ended by now?

Happy National Day to all Singaporeans! Both overseas and within the “red dot”. I have to say, National Day is the only day that I feel patriotic. Other days I don’t think about it. Singaporean? Bah. Hee Hee.

But this year, I sort of miss the atmosphere, not that the previous years I have been really celebrating the Day [definitely not wearing red tee and white shorts, like what they used to make us do in primary school], wah biang eh, damn “tu”.

Yesterday night was singing all those “Singapore” songs with my housemate [ I like JJ’s rendition of “Home”] , today in school I sang Majulah Singapura. HAHA. And to think back in primary & secondary schools, they sort of force us to sing it every damn morning or evening before or after school.

Haha.. Interesting how we get patriotic outside.
We wldn't even think of it much if someone at home complain abt s'pore. More like taxi driver and hawker politics.
But we suddenly feel patriotic when we're outside and wld b less likely to take the nonchalent attitude if someone were to put down our homeland. Hahah.
meow: ehh..i feel patriotic even when i'm back in SG 1 ah. dun put me down so much leh. LOL. 9 August is the only day every year.
haha so cute! both of you singing nationalistic songs together! over here, me and the housemate made up words for Muneiru Valiba and Count on me Singapore and Home (that Sun Yan Zi one)!

both of our first times out of the country during National Day hor? can feel a bit odd.
in the padang, i was so hyped-up that i was singing our national anthem super loudly...but then i dunno half the words, so i believe A might have been inching away from to pretend he dun know me, heheheh
spyda: ya loh. feels abit sad. hee hee.

AKK: wah lau eh!! bad impression leh..haha..kidding. steady liao mah hor...=P
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