Wednesday, June 29, 2005


25 hours ago i missed the bus home and waited 1 more hour for the next bus. Spent another 15mins walking home in the cold.

11.5 hours ago i took my first test of the day.

7 hours ago i took my final test of the term.

2 hours ago i took my last dinner for the first half of the year in Perth.

30mins ago i took my second last hot shower for the first half of the year in Perth.

now, i'm typing this post.

8.5 hours later i will be leaving for Perth International Airport

10.5 hours later i will be on the flight home.

15.5 hours later i will be home.


Saturday, June 25, 2005

Movie Baa-ton

Another baa-ton, this time by Siew Pat, jolly well knowing that mua hardly watch movies 'cuz it's freaking expensive in perth as well as SG. i'll do my best goes nothing....

Total Number of films I own on DVD/Video

Crap sia. I hardly watch movies, much less buy them. haha. i got the P* version of Band of Brothers DVD thou. hahaha. plus P* version of Catch Me If You Can. That's a total of 2.

The Last Film I Bought

None. Lucky me, I don't buy them.

Five Films I Like Alot

Catch Me If You Can. Brains and more brains.

Scent of A Woman. About an old man. Not a woman. lol.

The Godfather Series. Mafia & Al Pacino. Enough said.

Rudy. Inspirational.

Infernal Affairs Series. Mind boggling.

Passing it over to Meow

Yesh! going to watch initialD in SG!

"Who else is coming?"

often enough when i try to get friends out, they have this tendency to ask "got who else?" "still got who?" "get more people lah" "so little people ah?"

they want more people to go out but too lazy to organize the outing [or rather not waste the SMSes, then if they end up kena "fly kite", will not "tu-ee"]

damn sian half, so i have to get more people out and if they "fly kite",i waste the SMSes, I'm alright with the wsted SMSes, but not with the fact that i took the effort to organize and plan then one by one tell me [last min] "sorry cannot make it, another time perhaps"

WTF really, say earlier lah.

haven been going out in larger groups now, 'cuz it's better to just call 1 or 2 friends out impromptu then set a time & place to meet. that's good enough.

but...these 1 or 2 friends will also often say "who else going"


pai mia sia....

*this is just a random post, not a recent event, one of those sudden thoughts that i have. these days i just go out when people ask me to, haha, save the headache. 'cuz i like to plan stuff to the last details. Control freak!! muhahaha*

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Poooi Lah, Damn L-bo

Hypocrisy leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I pity those who trust you.


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I have sinned!

on sunday morning.

imagine a AUD$14 breakfast at Dome, think i'm nutz. that's the equivalence of SGD$17 odd for a plate of 2 eggs, 5 or 6 strips of bacon, 2 toasted bread, half a grilled tomato, 3 irish sausages, a small bowl full of grilled mushrooms, 1 hashbrown.

that excludes the siao liao. indulgence is sinful.

it's called "The Big Breakfast", definately nothing like Mr Ronald Mcdonald's. had it for bunch and didn't have anything else till 6pm. keke.

P.S : after ordering, i was doing the convertion and realized that i could have eaten at least 3 sets of Mac's Big Breakfast. pengz.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Damn infuriating

Was watching Iron Chef just now, for those who don’t know, it’s a Japanese production.Created by the Culinary Academy in Japan, the host is the director of the academy. They got a poet, an actress and an ex- parliament house member to judge the contest.

This week the challenger was a Chinese chef; he chose to challenge the Japanese Cuisine Iron Chief. Not surprisingly he lost, after all you get 3 Japs to judge the food and they aren’t gourmets? WTH

Blardy hell, and that Chinese chef was actually Deng Xiao Ping’s head chief. They trying to put down China and Chinese food, is it?

Blardy hell, 1 of the judges [either the poet or actress commented about bird’s nest, “what’s that? Swallow’s nest? Never heard of it…oh is it? Used for desert in Chinese cuisine…how interesting!”] What kind of retarded judge is that? Blardy hell, never heard of bird’s nest. PENGZ.

I didn’t need to watch the end to know who lost. Damn, what do they know about Chinese food. Japanese food in general has a stronger taste to it, whereas Chinese food aren’t so. Moreover, the main ingredient was egg, how strong can the dishes get?

A Jap production, with Jap judges, Jap host, Jap chef against just 1 Chinese chef. Damn cock-ka-na-than.


Friday, June 17, 2005

Good O' Weekend

ahh yess..the weekend is here again..

cleared another 2 assessments this week, damn the education system over here...had 4 assessments since the MYEs concluded 2 weeks if you do abit of division, that's 2 assessments per week, and more upcoming [think at least another 3 or 4, totally nutz]

skipped dinner today, had a nap and watched Big Brother Friday Night Live, had a cup of coffee.

don't know why but i have been having a dull headache ever since waking up from the nap. sort of like, having 4 stubbies and feel drowsy /or kena a light wack to the occipital region of my brain

yet to find out about whether i'll be able to take the assessment prior to leaving for SG, think some of them might be alright, just the english assessment would be a slight prob.

ah well..still crossing fingers.

Image hosted by
drowsy lah....

Monday, June 13, 2005

One of Life's Valuable Lessons

Things you never treasure till they are gone [momentally that is].

This is a soul searching post for the 5 months that i've been here [yes, i know i have been saying "5 months" "5 months" for umpteen times now, but yup, it's been 5 months].

Things that i've seen in the family that i'm currently living with; situations that makes me shake my head and smile at the fact "why are they doing this?" "so bu hui zuo ren" [directly translated to mean: "so dunno how to be human", meaning insensitive]. So demanding of the family members among many more things.

Then again, i realized that i've been as immature as them while back in SG, towards my own family. It's quite laughable quite. At myself.

Over here, I'm picking up after people's trails, likewise how my family picks up after mine back home. Getting to feel how it's like now. Retribution, i thought earlier, not now though, i tend to think of it as "one of life's valuable lessons". As least, i'll appreciate my family more as of now.

It's weird now that i don't mind doing stuff, as well as compromising myself for those whom i know for 5 months, that i'm not so forgiving of my own family.
Maybe, it's because that it's family that we demand more?

I feel ashamed now looking back. Truly.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

one fine day, it's going to get me into deep sh*t

Damn my recklessness and carelessness. After all this god damn years, i'm still at it.

Need to find solutions. Right about NOW! Breathe Deep. Don't kan cheong spider.

By the way, it's still pouring outside. Tomorrow's forecast is 6 degrees C min. Cold, more wind & more showers.

Currently 10.1 degrees C.

Image hosted by
my lappy & carlton cold stubby [tastes good]

by the way, pray for me that the school will allow me to take my assessments earlier; those that clashes with my departure for SG. Damn, i heard they are rather touchy on leaving earlier for holidays. *fingers crossed*

Lor Hor Everyday

The past few days has been very, very wet. Rain and more rain. Wind and more strong wind. Not to mention, a short hail storm on Thursday morning, i think..not sure it's wednesday or thursday. Damn sickening and cold. My fingers are premanently numbed even since late march and will continue to be so till end of the year [or at else till end july]. Damn, really.
Wind and rain beating down on the roof so hard that my media player seems to be so soft. Have to sort of strain my ears even.
Ever since MSN incooperated the media player "What I'm listening to now", i have since abandon my winamp player. Haha. Well, at least till the novelty dies bah. Isn't it damn cool to like the people on your MSN list to see what you are currently listening to? Haha, maybe it's bo liao...but it's still a new concept what. Hence, la la la~~~

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Char Siew Rice, Anyone?

Was reading LMD’s Bee Hoon Girl

And I was reminded of a particular incident back in early ’00 where I was still in secondary school. My school makes the students line up in the “parade square” prior to returning to class for the next period. So it was one of those after recess time that it happened….

Me: [lining up in a single file as usual]

Girl behind me: [talking to the fella behind her] “eh, you ok anot? You look very pale leh,, need to go sick bay?”

Fella behind her: “no lah, don’t need, I ok lah.”

Me: [at this point, I kpo liao, turned behind to look-see] “wah, you really look pale leh, face white-white.”

[then, I turned around]

Next time you know that fella puked out his lunch, that he had minutes earlier. Lucky thing, he was fast enough not to have puked all over the girl in front of him, just slightly to the side of her. That however didn’t stop the girl from screaming “aarrhhhhhh!!!!”

Turned around and saw some orange semi-solid stuff on the ground, I asked “eh ZL, you had char siew rice for lunch ah? Can see the half digested char siew.”

People surrounding me from the other classes and as well as my classmates “wah lau eh KC, still observe the vomit, bo liao lah.”

ZL: [still kind of pale, covering his mouth with the tissue paper handed out to him by helpful friends] “ya lah, had char siew rice”

Me: “how come puke ah? Food poisoning?”

ZL: “no lah, just now after lunch, was running around the parade square with the others.”

Me: *speechless* “wah lau you don’t after eating a meal cannot do exercise meh? Siao ah.”

ZL: “aiya, didn’t think will really puke mah”

Me & the rest of the people surronding: (-_- )

At that point of time, the teachers weren’t around ‘cause the assembly where overseen by counselors aka prefects, big asses in my opinion, never like people ordering me about especially if they were of the same age group or younger!!

Anyway, no teacher saw the commotion; think the school attendants later on cleared up the mess. Damn “zia lat”

Be-hold… Char Siew Rice Guy….

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Moonlight Bay

my all time favourite campfire song
We were sailing along
On moonlight bay
We can hear the voices singing,
They seems to say
You have stolen my heart (I have stolen your heart)
Now don't go away (Now don't go away)
As we sing this old sweet song on moonlight bay (on moonlight bay)
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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Pom Pom Time…yet again?

Back in SG, I would bathe a maximum of twice per any given day.
Over here, I am starting on a routine to bathe three times a day. Turning crackerjack, not as if the weather over here is humid, on the contrary, it’s starting to turn damn wet & cold (sort of), we are into the 8th day of winter now.

Heard that weather back in SG is still rather bad, I have already predicted that I will be nose bleeding upon arrival, now that I’m sort of adjusted to the weather here. Prepared the tissue paper liao. Ready for nasal “red tide”.

Image hosted by
Three times a lady. Pun intended. Ha!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Yet another thing i realized about myself

I ain't exactly very nice to my competitors. I have a selfish streak in me. And it's quite a bold one. I guess I don't handle competitions very well. I get very uptight over the slightest things.

I do apologize to anyone whom I have been mean to in one way or another. My life till today, I realized that the things I do is for myself solely, often enough I don't put others into consideration.

Survival of the fittest, that is if I don't do it myself, no one will help me. That's the bottom line. In my opinion.

Monday, June 06, 2005

So much hype

for this two ang-mo

Image hosted by

Hoo-ha on this lah…

Meet Takumi & Gang.
Image hosted by

I prefer Ryosuke Takahashi & his FC though. Haha.
Image hosted by

Premieres 1st July Worldwide. Stay Tuned.

Sunday, June 05, 2005


Fuck, I seriously can't wait to get my sorry ass back to SG. I need a breather. This place is so restricting mentally.

I want to hang out with my buddies and gangs. Drink like a fish with them. Yak non stop till the break of dawn. "K" till siao. Do crazy stunts in the middle of the night. Scold "chee bye" , "nabeh" etc like a chao gangster, with people actually understanding what you say. People to crack lame jokes with, and yet again, them understanding what the fuck you are saying. Go Kranji racecourse and see the ah-peks and aunties "pua be", hear them scream "zao ah, zao! san ho san ho, yi ho yi ho!" Go kopitiam eat pig organ soup and "kopi gao".

Damn, I hate ginas.

Image hosted by
nah, give you the middle finger. that's "fuck" for you ignorants. Muhahahaha.

Saturday, June 04, 2005


You guess it right, had my first ever meal at Mr Ronald's after 4 plus month in the country. the quarter pounder meal was disappointing. Kind of soggy and flatten. 2 slices of bread squashed inbetween with a patty of beef. couldn't even visably see the dressing inbetween till I peel open the burger [if peel is the right word to use, hey, it was soggy].
Sure didnt live up to my expectations of an inch thick patty, with thick yellow mustard sauce and pickles, as seen in advertisments.
Then again, adverts are cons. Sian half.
Shot of the day
Image hosted by
taken in early autunm. in my neighbourhood.

of thosais and movies

dunno about you people, but i kinda like to watch those hindu movies on premiere 12 or is it prime 12 back when i was in secondary school.

those 3-hour long hindu movies on sundays' 4pm. i like them together with the mass dancers in the fields, mountains, oh yes, the "peek around from the trees" dance, blah blah blah.

they are enchanting at times, indian music. it really is. You will be surprised how some of the plots are much more interesting that those channel 8 or 5 prime time serials.

i like indian crusine too~

Image hosted by
masala thosai, 1 of my favs

Friday, June 03, 2005

The day I went one-eyed

nabeh. Right side contact lense rolled over to the back of my eye this morning while waiting for the bus to city. Spent the rest of the day with only the left eye contact lense in place.
shots of the day.
Image hosted by
dome's mocha. interestingly enough, there were marshmellows given in this branch.
Image hosted by
the controversial apple & blueberry pie. where's the blueberry?
Image hosted by
beef ramen at Shimizu. not.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Ok now.

I might just have just begin to get addicted to CSI:Miami. haha.Caught an episode just now. About this double murder by this council woman and her husband. Damn happening.

shots of the day.

Image hosted by
caffe latte from gloria jean. actually cafe mocha taste better. thought of a change today.

Image hosted by
you know singapore has that 50cents egg from those mixed veggie rice, well, in perth, they have the same price for lesser the egg. unbelievable stuff.

Image hosted by
this is what you see behind my backyard. across the road that is.

Image hosted by
here's another look at it.

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