Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Ok now.

I might just have just begin to get addicted to CSI:Miami. haha.Caught an episode just now. About this double murder by this council woman and her husband. Damn happening.

shots of the day.

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caffe latte from gloria jean. actually cafe mocha taste better. thought of a change today.

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you know singapore has that 50cents egg from those mixed veggie rice, well, in perth, they have the same price for lesser the egg. unbelievable stuff.

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this is what you see behind my backyard. across the road that is.

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here's another look at it.

Was it cha kueh teow you were having? Looks yummy.

Your backyard looks pretty scenic.
haha. that was fried kway tiao. wasn't mine. was Pat's.

scenic but damn ulu
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