Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Earthquake Strikes Again...

yup..it has happen yet again. Richter Scale measured 8.7 (contrary to the 9.0 i heard). hit almost the same location as the 1 back in Dec. current dead toll for indonesia is 1,000.

for more info...search the web urself lah...i not news reporter....hahaaa

sudden thought struck me today after dinner, "fart smells exceptionally bad after eating curry"..apparently i "blasted" the bathroom during my shower and pheww...it really stinks, could smell it over the hot mist rising....

haha...thank ur lucky stars if u already had dinner, and only now reading this...the rest...well..too bad =P

got to add that the curry was that damn good, hot and spicy...ate half way and kena stomach cramp...haha..ate too fast..think i had 4 wings and 3 drumsticks...not to mention potatoes, carrots and 1 full serving of rice...shiok ah~!

Monday, March 28, 2005

Nike Vandal Hi

went Harbourtown and Freo the past 2 days..cuz there wasnt much that was open otherwise...haha...

Harbourtown was having massive easter sales and I bought some stuff from Nike...hee hee...

managed to find my favourite author in 1 of the 2nd hand books shop in Freo, will head back soon to get the series. James Herriot by the way, is the only author whose books I will buy.

took the train for the 1st time on Sat, unlike MRT;

the doors are not always automated, you would have to press a button near the doors to open 'em, thats if it is a off-peak period, usually they are automated.

the carriages are shorter, only 4 carriages to 1 train.

the seats are more comfee as in cushion wise, there are more space, between the adjacent rows. there is also seats aligned like those in buses.

they have security checking ur fares upon leavin the "free" stops. in the carriages.


Freo had Arts Festival on Sat and Sun, roads were closed later during the day, basically "patches" set up at various parts of the town and ppl performing. Only managed to catch the ones outside the Freo Market and Fish n Chips Shack.

oo..another thing, the second Fish n Chips Restaurant is better tasting than the "Famous" 1, fish was bland, no matter how much salt i added, it was still bland. Chips was not that good either.

So, Pat, that time we ate was the better restaurant, haha.


Btw, happy 22nd Birthday Beng~!! Have a lovely day today !!

Friday, March 25, 2005

New Time~

yeah~~covered the same distance as wed but in 16mins..haha..got improvement...

can be further inproved thou..

stamina is still sucky...totally like sh*t ...LOL...

I'm No Kiddo

i looked forward to coming over to aussie to study at any instance...to get away from my family...cuz they r a source of disturbance...mentally...

get away i did, till dis morning..when X, member of my family chat to me over MSN.

stop talking to me as if i'm a kid, i do THINK ok. stop thinking that i'm ignorant, i dunno how the world works, i know wat i have to do. i am a profound person, stp thinking otherwise and i'm not bragging about myself.



went for an ELACS (australian cultural studies) excursion dis afternoon, visted Tranby House...
took some pics.. just abt dis house that belong to 1 of the pioneer settlers in Perth back in the 1830's...

will be uploading to my album tml morning ah..

also, pics of me in uniform will also be in...hhaaa...ya ya..in uniform -_-"

as the guide debriefs us, she mentioned women of that period wearing 6 petticoats (undergarment) beneath an external dress, in the name of fashion...hence the title of the post : "要美,不要命??"

haha...unbelieveable..imagine wearing 7 layers of clothes and do daily manuall chores around the house...in summer when the temp can hit 40 degrees C...wah piangz...my idols...

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


yupz..watched my very first movie here in aussie yesterday night @ Southlands. was only SGD $6 after conversion and free sitting unlike sg..hee hee

"Constantine", very good movie...highly recommended...but i guess the peeps in SG already watch it like back 1 or maybe 2 mths ago. LOL.

realized that Keanu Reeves seems to be the man ?? for the supernatural / sci-fic type of movies...den again he has that type of "sei" for the mysterious leading characters bah....

going to watch Intial D when it releases in worldwide man~~
just in time for my return from Aussie.
worldwide premiere is on 1st July 2005, Initial D fans please mark down that date =P

currently reading Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets..haa...
ya ya i know i'm damn s-l-o-w. -_-"

dis weekend is the dreaded long weekend; friday till the following monday. 2 public holidays so nowhere is open...
wah lau eh so damn dumb...public holiday should open mah..every1 is free to do shopping. thats' where the $$ should be coming in.
seriously dunno wat the aussie bosses are thinking. *shakes head*

went jogging for 20mins today after sch, just around my neighbourhood, with my homestay housemate...haha.. finally exercising eh..

:: Ka Ni Na Bei , fuckin' Spastic Fella, i need wat fuckin' tutor for my chemistry. Chee Bye. I'm So fuckin' going to make you eat your words. :: *points middle finger*

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Cranky Cranky

feeling cranky today, man...haha..
think was too hyped up due to the human bio test early dis mornin'....
think i F* it up...haiz...

during lunch, drank coffee milk and further "cranked" me up =P

last period of the day, felt that my brain was slowing down liao...

after sch, drank Red Bull....haha den alert again...den again, carbonated Red Bull doesnt taste that good compared to the non-carbonated 1....

reach home and found my homestay mum grooming the dogs, ended up i also DIY for 1 of 'em dogs =P, ah Shawn Shawn~!!

let's see if i can get the pics up later...

grooming him for 30mins, after that, was so totally covered with fur...kind of hate the sch pants...damn static loh...alot of the fur clints to it...-_-"

after that, i changed my blog skin...Ta Da~~~

Nike Dunk..haha...not a big fan thou...just found the skin quite nice and simple ah...

can relax slightly liao...later at night den start hw again...neverending sia....

1 down, 1 to go

cleared chem test today loh...tml is another biggie...human bio...

still cant believe that they combine so many systems [think 7 systems] into 1 test...-_-"

dunno how is the format like...wah piangzz...

going to change blog skin tml..stay tuned..

blog hits counter is down...dunno why. sh*t. the damn site is apparently no longer there...

change counter, skin, upload pics into album...

till tml

cheers mates'

Sunday, March 20, 2005

yet another new song in my playlist

詞﹕方文山 曲﹕周杰倫



攤位上一朵豔陽 我悄悄出現你身旁
你慌亂的模樣 我微笑安靜欣賞

我頂著大太陽 只想為你撐傘
你靠在我肩膀 深呼吸怕遺忘

氣球在我手上 我牽著你瞎晃
有話想對你講 你眼睛卻裝忙

園遊會影片在播放 這個世界約好一起逛

Saturday, March 19, 2005


while waiting for the bus home today, I noticed that the sky was really “sky blue” haha…that colour on colour pencils you know...lolz…

Could really scrutinize the clouds in the sky with my sunnies on. They really looked so well defined. too bad i forgot my cam, if not i would have taken some pics.

Looking forward to next weekend, can relax totally almost totally =)

Shessh..after coming to aussie land I really missed using the hokkien phases like “KNS, CB, Kao Bei etc etc” plus the all time universal vulgarity “FUCK Lah”. Ahahahhaa..

Cant used it without feeling bad, cuz I’m not that familiar with my new found friends and it might prove to be rather offensive.

Haizz…some people I guess cant take them to be expressions of frustration at times, and that it’s normal mah…not as if it’s deliberately furious at someone…it’s not that serious, mate. Just an expression~!!

I miss my tok cock buddies [yup, that’s you~ Phil, Fel, Fian, Gene, Jus, YH, AT, Beng & Dap]

Arghhh~~!!!! I want to drink kopi, watch EPL and hang out till late at night~~!!

Finally..after since a long time

took time, but i finally realized

sense of euphoria spreads within me. weird but i dunno why myself.

everyone could see it then except me.

plain stupidity & naivety.

lalalalala ~~

Thursday, March 17, 2005

流沙 啊 流沙

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Photo up~

well....some of them...haha...
the rest will be up latest 2 weeks from now bah...

tml is Fun Aquatics Day~~ no sch...instead go swimming pool...haha...-_-"

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


all tests postponed to the following week loh..lolz..

they should have arranged that in the first place....orh be good~~

Monday, March 14, 2005

Something Every1 Should See...

hey guys & gals, i received dis link from my housemate today,
think all of u should watch it, though it is 15.8MB in size, just d/l and i'm sure you will have an unforgettable experience.


Warning: get ready some sour plums though, i didnt quite get thru the entire video. it is a 2005 release.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Love to Hate, Hate to Love

yup, it really is..

Market City @ Canning Vale

that "fall asleep w/ the lights & comp on" syndrome is back. i did just that last night. falling asleep ard 8 and waking up at 11.45pm to switching them both off. den plopped back to sleep again.haha..

on the contrary, i did go out on saturday. went to dis warehouse supermarket at Canning Vale. "Cash & Carry" if i'm not mistaken. stuff there are cheaper den the shelf price for most supermarkets :P. guess living in Perth really does requires 1 to know the place well to get the best out of the norm.

afterwhich, it was nearby Market City at Canning Vale too [actually the 2 places are just 2 roads away, lol]. it's more of a asian market, have shops that sold asian foodfares [e.g sg, indo, thai, jap & kor. so happy whenn i saw SUPER 3in1 coffeemix LOL. not very pleased with the price though [AUD$7.30, and you haven convert to SGD yet -_-"]. bought the Goldkili 3n1 "Ginger Tea" thou, think it might come in useful for the cold weather.

Saturday was really a good experience =)

1 lesson that might prove to be useful in the future.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Friday the 11th

i'm back !! after the few days absence....was busy ah...had to clear more hws and prepare for the test earlier today.

btw, i flunked my chemistry test 1. FUCK. i didnt quite answer to the point (yet again). how dumb (myself i meant).

next week, having a major topic test for human bio (inclusive of eye, ear, hormones, homeostasis, CNS, PNS, reflexes & drugs maybe). power sia~ combine so many systems into 1 test, dunno 55mins enough for me to write anot -_-"

den another chem test tentatively on friday ALSO, idiotic.

WAIT, I haven gotten to the best part, the day before, which is Thursday, is Fun Aquatics Day, where the whole school apparently goes to dis 1 particular swimming pool and play games the entire day -_-"

den they put 2 blardy tests on the next day, making thursday's event compulsory school event. WTF.

alright, enough bitching.

At least, this weekend dun need to think of where to go, can rot at home and study notes. HA.

Monday, March 07, 2005


only 1 word to describe my current lifestyle


haiz... so not used to it. used to be able to move ard independently. regardless of time and day.


have to plan my day before setting off and it's usually a weekend that i go out.

sch ends too late on weekdays to wander ard much.

bus frequencies SUX !!

can't go out after dark, cuz it is not safe.

no night outings of EPL and kopi

feelin' deprived liao ah...

don't know how am i going to survive the next long weekend (which is in only another 2 weeks, ARGH)

must learn to drive soon.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Got My Album Liao...

got my online album liao..but haven upload photos..haha..stay tuned...

Current Playlist : 心中的日月

a new song i play frequently on my winamp...
a new genre called "Chinked-Out" created by 王力宏 =)

心中的日月 曲:王力宏 词:陈宇任 编:王力宏

你是我心中的日月光芒 手中握着格桑花呀
美的让我忘了摘下 你的真 带着香
你的香 会说话 你的话 好像只 对我说

我的专长叫做流浪 你注定要为我绽放
我的心 寻找家 我的家 没有花 我的花却在这山谷等着我

若一开始 没有上帝 暗中偷偷的怂恿 我们怎知选择相逢

你是心中的日月 落在这里 旅程的前后多余 只为遇到你
多么想幻化成为你脚下的泥 此刻的无人山谷 彷佛听见说爱你


我的漂泊不懂泥巴 你的美丽不堪动荡
你单纯 我迷惘 你恋家 我流浪 山谷中 这一切 带不走

你爱抬头拥抱阳光 我得眺望下个前往
我走开 你留下 我回忆 你升华 至少我们会仰望同一片天空

若一开始 没有上帝 暗中偷偷的怂恿
我们怎知选择相逢 你是心中的日月 落在这里
旅程的前后多余 只为遇到你 多么想幻化成为你脚下的泥
那天的无人山谷(那一天) 彷佛听见说爱你

置身在 传说中 人间天堂 你是我 心中的 日月光芒
带领我 找到你 的芬芳 放不下

你是心中的日月 落在这里 旅程的前后多余 只为遇到你
多么想幻化成为你脚下的泥 那天的无人山谷
彷佛听见说爱你 那天听见说爱你

Saturday, March 05, 2005

The 1st extended Weekend

woke up this mornin' to a wet, cold and misty South Lake.

1st wet morning for me in Aussie. Love rain~~~!!

coffee tasted exceptionally aromatic today.

heading out with friends for some groceries in about another 1.5hrs.

think today will be a slow and relaxing. afterwhich, tml and the day after will have to do my work liao loh.

this week is extended weekend due to Labour Day on Monday. wah lau eh.. dun need holidays now that i'm in Aussie, man...haha...i rather go school everyday...

*disappears for awhile, my toast is done*

got to clear my hw, do my notes, study for assessment on tues and somemore revision.

man, dun think i ever worked so hard in quite a long time. bo pian.. got to do what i got to do.

if not, i'm going to regret it for the rest of my life.

Thursday, March 03, 2005


always seeing things i never wanted to see

damn it

Aftermath of River Cruise

well..it turns out that river cruise was a night of dancing and more dancing -_-"

from approx. 8pm to 1030pm. non stop dance music...very hot and stuffy thou

the air condition like machiam not working at all..hahaa...

couldnt take it after awhile and stood on the front of the cruise ship to view the night.

on the whole it was quite boring~~

took some night pics though..will put it up together with the rest of the pics taken last time.

kaoz...i miss kopitiam kopi and pig organs' soup...LOLzz...

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Delay Delay

haven got time to sort out the photos taken since leaving SG..haa..pai sei..

the album is still not up...will try to get it done dis weekend...i TRY =)

tml night is River Cruise...think is just a cruise ship ride in Swan River..i guess...

dunno wat type of other activities they have though....hmm...

ohh..btw today is the first day of autumn...1st March

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