Wednesday, March 23, 2005


yupz..watched my very first movie here in aussie yesterday night @ Southlands. was only SGD $6 after conversion and free sitting unlike sg..hee hee

"Constantine", very good movie...highly recommended...but i guess the peeps in SG already watch it like back 1 or maybe 2 mths ago. LOL.

realized that Keanu Reeves seems to be the man ?? for the supernatural / sci-fic type of movies...den again he has that type of "sei" for the mysterious leading characters bah....

going to watch Intial D when it releases in worldwide man~~
just in time for my return from Aussie.
worldwide premiere is on 1st July 2005, Initial D fans please mark down that date =P

currently reading Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets..haa...
ya ya i know i'm damn s-l-o-w. -_-"

dis weekend is the dreaded long weekend; friday till the following monday. 2 public holidays so nowhere is open...
wah lau eh so damn dumb...public holiday should open mah..every1 is free to do shopping. thats' where the $$ should be coming in.
seriously dunno wat the aussie bosses are thinking. *shakes head*

went jogging for 20mins today after sch, just around my neighbourhood, with my homestay housemate...haha.. finally exercising eh..

:: Ka Ni Na Bei , fuckin' Spastic Fella, i need wat fuckin' tutor for my chemistry. Chee Bye. I'm So fuckin' going to make you eat your words. :: *points middle finger*

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