Friday, July 27, 2007


KTV on every Friday for the past 1 month, that's 4 times in a row on Fri's

madness sia.. enjoy while it last...

busy very very soon~~~~

SG freshies gathering in 3hrs at SUV...i hope they don't play stupid ice breakers, wth really.

and i have been sleeping really early for the past week that i was back here, like 6.30, 7pm, 9pm till the next morning. haha. madness again~~

current temp : 20C

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

back in the cold

back in syd .. weather ain't that bad now, with spring approaching. today was 21C, according to the news channel, but the sky is still turning dark at 5pm daily... sibei sian~~

1st week pretty alright, with the exception of anatomy, crazy 3hr session almost everyday -_-"

when summer arrives it will be GMT+11hrs.


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Tuesday, July 17, 2007



nvm..there is always December

waste more money and wake up earlier this semester.

Too Bad.


Monday, July 16, 2007


天公 & 蔡祖先们 ;

bo pi mia lit mai lo hor,
mai du tio pai drivers,
mai du tio ang cher hui,
parking, courses soon soon li li,
slope eh kia ki kii

bo pi wa soon soon li li~~

wan fen gam xia~~ gam xia~~

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

of KBox on Friday the Thirteen

over Smirnoff Triple Black last night,

most memorable scenario of the night;

"who got the 翠 mic ?"

"i got the 翠 mic ah."

"the 翠 mic~ the mic~"


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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Results are out !!

pass everything loh !!

was worried about chemistry, but it turned out to be 1 of the better scoring modules. shessh. unbelievable....

no fantastic results lah, i never was a fantastic student, should consider myself lucky to pass the semester. i can't imagine what if..... *shudders*




Sunday, July 08, 2007

为什么 ...

就是找不到TANK KTV 版的"非你莫属"

GreenBox, Plush!, KBox 都没有 ...

闷 ...闷 ... 闷 ...

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

what would you do?

what would i do if had the moo-las?

i would drop everything and go backpack the whole of Taiwan

what about you?

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just something i plug off another blog

ok~ bo liao once again. long time never go this type of mee-moo liao

here goes nuthin''

5 things found in your bag:

eh…I have a lot of bags and I bring different ones depending on the day … lol

current bag has:

Panasonic FZ-5

512MB iRiver mp3 player (yesh, I still use 512MB, see no point in having such a high cap mp3 player, ‘cuz I always listen to the same few songs everytime, HAHA)

Stephen J Cannell’s Cold Hit, a novel I am currently reading

House Keys

Black Coin Pouch

5 things found in your purse/wallet:

SGD, IC, Uni Student Card, Credit Card, ATM Cards

5 favourite things in your room:
sad to say I don’t have my own room in SG now, shesh…

But in general, my favourite things in MY room would be…

My laptop (I will die without my comp and internet)

My speakers (so that it doesn’t spoil the laptop speakers)

Last but not least….

My private space

Oppss…that’s only 3 things…dun have 5….pai sei lah…

5 things you're currently into:

- reading me books

- KTV!

- LA KOPI!!!

- ZDL’s & TANK’s songs

- SCV & MaxOnline in SG!


sudden thought

.more yellow & less white please.

aku don't like white colour

sibei SIAN!


3rd day since i'm back

watched 3 movies on the flight home, "Blood Diamond", "200 pound beauty" and "天行者"
have to say, they were all pretty good. recommended watch!

been kind of a breathless 3 days (technically 2.3 days), passing stuff to the relevant people, running errands and get down to Resolution 3 for the year and also la kopi-ing at the favourite hangout YEAH!

and yesh! i cut mua hair liao. and it's really how i mentioned i will cut it (some people might know). haha! for those that dun know, it's like TANK's hairstyle (the guy with the contact lense ad on channel8), only the fringe is shorter lah!

watched Transformer earlier this evening, not too bad i will say, special effects is there, would rate a 8/10.

sidetrack abit, i used to have an Optimus Prime toy while i was young. lolz.

getting a breather tonight, thats why i can blog~ haven been sleeping enough too, hence i'm snoozing away on the MRT or bus while traveling around for the past 2 days.

will upload some pics tomorrow. will enjoy the rest of the night with a cuppa coffee and my copy of 热情仲夏 and also watch you tube (no more worries about the bandwidth for the next 3 weeks)

reading Stephen J. Cannell 's Cold Hit meantime.... people into thriller novels should check him out. he is a good author.

P.S : people, i only have 1 SG hp no. liao, which is the 1 with alot of "9's" in it.

the old no. (9823 ...) is no longer in use.

P.S.S: just realized, i haven been to TM or CS yet. LOL.

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