Thursday, July 05, 2007

just something i plug off another blog

ok~ bo liao once again. long time never go this type of mee-moo liao

here goes nuthin''

5 things found in your bag:

eh…I have a lot of bags and I bring different ones depending on the day … lol

current bag has:

Panasonic FZ-5

512MB iRiver mp3 player (yesh, I still use 512MB, see no point in having such a high cap mp3 player, ‘cuz I always listen to the same few songs everytime, HAHA)

Stephen J Cannell’s Cold Hit, a novel I am currently reading

House Keys

Black Coin Pouch

5 things found in your purse/wallet:

SGD, IC, Uni Student Card, Credit Card, ATM Cards

5 favourite things in your room:
sad to say I don’t have my own room in SG now, shesh…

But in general, my favourite things in MY room would be…

My laptop (I will die without my comp and internet)

My speakers (so that it doesn’t spoil the laptop speakers)

Last but not least….

My private space

Oppss…that’s only 3 things…dun have 5….pai sei lah…

5 things you're currently into:

- reading me books

- KTV!

- LA KOPI!!!

- ZDL’s & TANK’s songs

- SCV & MaxOnline in SG!


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