Thursday, July 12, 2007

Results are out !!

pass everything loh !!

was worried about chemistry, but it turned out to be 1 of the better scoring modules. shessh. unbelievable....

no fantastic results lah, i never was a fantastic student, should consider myself lucky to pass the semester. i can't imagine what if..... *shudders*




chua shi ting!! no wonder u never replied my SMS. was in sydney for the past week, attended this church conference, but stayed around for a few days after to tour around with friends, thought could meet up with you, sekali never happened. then came back to Melbourne and decide to check your blog, and I was right, you went back to S'pore after all!!!

haha, nvm la. i enjoyed sydney a lot, and would love to go back there for another holiday. maybe next time can catch you!
wah liew! Connie Foong Pei Yii!!! com sydney so late den tell me!! next time you come must inform earlier ah!!

might go Melbourne next year during the winter break. haha. see how ah!!!

congrats on passing nia! hee
Congrats! Jia you!!
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