Saturday, March 19, 2005


while waiting for the bus home today, I noticed that the sky was really “sky blue” haha…that colour on colour pencils you know...lolz…

Could really scrutinize the clouds in the sky with my sunnies on. They really looked so well defined. too bad i forgot my cam, if not i would have taken some pics.

Looking forward to next weekend, can relax totally almost totally =)

Shessh..after coming to aussie land I really missed using the hokkien phases like “KNS, CB, Kao Bei etc etc” plus the all time universal vulgarity “FUCK Lah”. Ahahahhaa..

Cant used it without feeling bad, cuz I’m not that familiar with my new found friends and it might prove to be rather offensive.

Haizz…some people I guess cant take them to be expressions of frustration at times, and that it’s normal mah…not as if it’s deliberately furious at someone…it’s not that serious, mate. Just an expression~!!

I miss my tok cock buddies [yup, that’s you~ Phil, Fel, Fian, Gene, Jus, YH, AT, Beng & Dap]

Arghhh~~!!!! I want to drink kopi, watch EPL and hang out till late at night~~!!

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