Monday, March 28, 2005

Nike Vandal Hi

went Harbourtown and Freo the past 2 days..cuz there wasnt much that was open otherwise...haha...

Harbourtown was having massive easter sales and I bought some stuff from Nike...hee hee...

managed to find my favourite author in 1 of the 2nd hand books shop in Freo, will head back soon to get the series. James Herriot by the way, is the only author whose books I will buy.

took the train for the 1st time on Sat, unlike MRT;

the doors are not always automated, you would have to press a button near the doors to open 'em, thats if it is a off-peak period, usually they are automated.

the carriages are shorter, only 4 carriages to 1 train.

the seats are more comfee as in cushion wise, there are more space, between the adjacent rows. there is also seats aligned like those in buses.

they have security checking ur fares upon leavin the "free" stops. in the carriages.


Freo had Arts Festival on Sat and Sun, roads were closed later during the day, basically "patches" set up at various parts of the town and ppl performing. Only managed to catch the ones outside the Freo Market and Fish n Chips Shack.

oo..another thing, the second Fish n Chips Restaurant is better tasting than the "Famous" 1, fish was bland, no matter how much salt i added, it was still bland. Chips was not that good either.

So, Pat, that time we ate was the better restaurant, haha.


Btw, happy 22nd Birthday Beng~!! Have a lovely day today !!

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