Friday, March 25, 2005


went for an ELACS (australian cultural studies) excursion dis afternoon, visted Tranby House...
took some pics.. just abt dis house that belong to 1 of the pioneer settlers in Perth back in the 1830's...

will be uploading to my album tml morning ah..

also, pics of me in uniform will also be in...hhaaa...ya uniform -_-"

as the guide debriefs us, she mentioned women of that period wearing 6 petticoats (undergarment) beneath an external dress, in the name of fashion...hence the title of the post : "要美,不要命??"

haha...unbelieveable..imagine wearing 7 layers of clothes and do daily manuall chores around the summer when the temp can hit 40 degrees C...wah idols...

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