Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Earthquake Strikes Again...

yup..it has happen yet again. Richter Scale measured 8.7 (contrary to the 9.0 i heard). hit almost the same location as the 1 back in Dec. current dead toll for indonesia is 1,000.

for more info...search the web urself lah...i not news reporter....hahaaa

sudden thought struck me today after dinner, "fart smells exceptionally bad after eating curry"..apparently i "blasted" the bathroom during my shower and pheww...it really stinks, could smell it over the hot mist rising....

haha...thank ur lucky stars if u already had dinner, and only now reading this...the rest...well..too bad =P

got to add that the curry was that damn good, hot and spicy...ate half way and kena stomach cramp...haha..ate too fast..think i had 4 wings and 3 drumsticks...not to mention potatoes, carrots and 1 full serving of rice...shiok ah~!

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