Sunday, March 13, 2005

Market City @ Canning Vale

that "fall asleep w/ the lights & comp on" syndrome is back. i did just that last night. falling asleep ard 8 and waking up at 11.45pm to switching them both off. den plopped back to sleep again.haha..

on the contrary, i did go out on saturday. went to dis warehouse supermarket at Canning Vale. "Cash & Carry" if i'm not mistaken. stuff there are cheaper den the shelf price for most supermarkets :P. guess living in Perth really does requires 1 to know the place well to get the best out of the norm.

afterwhich, it was nearby Market City at Canning Vale too [actually the 2 places are just 2 roads away, lol]. it's more of a asian market, have shops that sold asian foodfares [e.g sg, indo, thai, jap & kor. so happy whenn i saw SUPER 3in1 coffeemix LOL. not very pleased with the price though [AUD$7.30, and you haven convert to SGD yet -_-"]. bought the Goldkili 3n1 "Ginger Tea" thou, think it might come in useful for the cold weather.

Saturday was really a good experience =)

1 lesson that might prove to be useful in the future.

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