Friday, March 11, 2005

Friday the 11th

i'm back !! after the few days absence....was busy ah...had to clear more hws and prepare for the test earlier today.

btw, i flunked my chemistry test 1. FUCK. i didnt quite answer to the point (yet again). how dumb (myself i meant).

next week, having a major topic test for human bio (inclusive of eye, ear, hormones, homeostasis, CNS, PNS, reflexes & drugs maybe). power sia~ combine so many systems into 1 test, dunno 55mins enough for me to write anot -_-"

den another chem test tentatively on friday ALSO, idiotic.

WAIT, I haven gotten to the best part, the day before, which is Thursday, is Fun Aquatics Day, where the whole school apparently goes to dis 1 particular swimming pool and play games the entire day -_-"

den they put 2 blardy tests on the next day, making thursday's event compulsory school event. WTF.

alright, enough bitching.

At least, this weekend dun need to think of where to go, can rot at home and study notes. HA.

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