Sunday, June 12, 2005

Lor Hor Everyday

The past few days has been very, very wet. Rain and more rain. Wind and more strong wind. Not to mention, a short hail storm on Thursday morning, i think..not sure it's wednesday or thursday. Damn sickening and cold. My fingers are premanently numbed even since late march and will continue to be so till end of the year [or at else till end july]. Damn, really.
Wind and rain beating down on the roof so hard that my media player seems to be so soft. Have to sort of strain my ears even.
Ever since MSN incooperated the media player "What I'm listening to now", i have since abandon my winamp player. Haha. Well, at least till the novelty dies bah. Isn't it damn cool to like the people on your MSN list to see what you are currently listening to? Haha, maybe it's bo liao...but it's still a new concept what. Hence, la la la~~~


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