Saturday, June 18, 2005

Damn infuriating

Was watching Iron Chef just now, for those who don’t know, it’s a Japanese production.Created by the Culinary Academy in Japan, the host is the director of the academy. They got a poet, an actress and an ex- parliament house member to judge the contest.

This week the challenger was a Chinese chef; he chose to challenge the Japanese Cuisine Iron Chief. Not surprisingly he lost, after all you get 3 Japs to judge the food and they aren’t gourmets? WTH

Blardy hell, and that Chinese chef was actually Deng Xiao Ping’s head chief. They trying to put down China and Chinese food, is it?

Blardy hell, 1 of the judges [either the poet or actress commented about bird’s nest, “what’s that? Swallow’s nest? Never heard of it…oh is it? Used for desert in Chinese cuisine…how interesting!”] What kind of retarded judge is that? Blardy hell, never heard of bird’s nest. PENGZ.

I didn’t need to watch the end to know who lost. Damn, what do they know about Chinese food. Japanese food in general has a stronger taste to it, whereas Chinese food aren’t so. Moreover, the main ingredient was egg, how strong can the dishes get?

A Jap production, with Jap judges, Jap host, Jap chef against just 1 Chinese chef. Damn cock-ka-na-than.


don't let the iron chef get into you dear. cool down. breathe. :)
Oh yah, Iron Chef isn't shown in Singapore, is it? I watched it while in Australia and was thinking the same as you too! But then again, it's not always the Jap who wins.
The challenger was kinda dumb also...

They had a chinese Iron Chef there also, but why the hell did a Chinese guy challenge the Japanese chef fully knowing the differences in both Japanese and Chinese cuisine. The challenger had a choice of who to challenge, and he should've chosen Chen Kenichi.

Oh ya, real Chinese food is actually stronger in taste and much more oily than Japanese food. It's only that the chinese food we have here in SQ is actually blander than japanese food...
haiyah! u relax! take deep breaths! it's just a show...but the fact that they dun know bird's nest just show that these ppl are real gourmands....sigh..

wat i would give for bird's nest...:)
heyz st when will u b goin back 2 aus?
milktea: haha. mua hot tempered. :)

jayaxe: ya lah but when the iron chef's record is 29 wins and only 2 defeats?

gene: if want to challenge of cuz go for the best, but u have a point

AKK: haha, me too, long time no eat liao loh.

YH: 16th july night flight
hmmm den do u wanna go zoo on 16th july coz i can gt tix @ $4 lohz...includin entry 2 the zoo, lunch etc etc
YH: eh? haha. dun think so lah. abit too rush. thanks for asking. =P
My fren, i think he challenged the Japanese chef for a reason. The challenger hated Japs? Its the hidden innuendoes that's important. Maybe ur sentiments are exactly those that he wish to draw out?

Chinese & Japanese... everytime you put them together in a competition, the political aspect seems to come out.
meow: spoken like a true blue history major. LOLZ
These chinese sometimes do take it a bit too far... Keep asking for an apology for Nanjing, but they're never gonna be satisfied with an apology, right?... Cursed Rhetoric...

I know lots of Japanese, and they're of a totally different mentality and generation from the supposedly heartless, gutless and spineless Japs of the 1940s...

My uncle's jap, Osaka native, and he's a nice guy.
gene: ya i agree the younger gens of japs are rather nice peeps, have a current jap classmate, she's nice. from somewhere near osaka too. keke
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