Saturday, June 25, 2005

"Who else is coming?"

often enough when i try to get friends out, they have this tendency to ask "got who else?" "still got who?" "get more people lah" "so little people ah?"

they want more people to go out but too lazy to organize the outing [or rather not waste the SMSes, then if they end up kena "fly kite", will not "tu-ee"]

damn sian half, so i have to get more people out and if they "fly kite",i waste the SMSes, I'm alright with the wsted SMSes, but not with the fact that i took the effort to organize and plan then one by one tell me [last min] "sorry cannot make it, another time perhaps"

WTF really, say earlier lah.

haven been going out in larger groups now, 'cuz it's better to just call 1 or 2 friends out impromptu then set a time & place to meet. that's good enough.

but...these 1 or 2 friends will also often say "who else going"


pai mia sia....

*this is just a random post, not a recent event, one of those sudden thoughts that i have. these days i just go out when people ask me to, haha, save the headache. 'cuz i like to plan stuff to the last details. Control freak!! muhahaha*

oops. I happen to be one of those people who replies "who else going?"

It helps me get into the right frame of mind as to the nature of the gathering, which social circle, large group/small group social dynamics etc etc.

But mostly I ask because the person organising is not someone I'd be comfortable spending time alone with.
Eh seh..

Now I know why you never ask me out liao.. *pouts*
Sorrwwie lar.. I cannot don't ask who else going mah... :((

HeeHee. Just joking lah. HaH HaH..
Lucky you. Thursday flying off right.
that's why i stopped asking people out. i wait for them to ask me. haha
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