Sunday, June 12, 2005

one fine day, it's going to get me into deep sh*t

Damn my recklessness and carelessness. After all this god damn years, i'm still at it.

Need to find solutions. Right about NOW! Breathe Deep. Don't kan cheong spider.

By the way, it's still pouring outside. Tomorrow's forecast is 6 degrees C min. Cold, more wind & more showers.

Currently 10.1 degrees C.

Image hosted by
my lappy & carlton cold stubby [tastes good]

by the way, pray for me that the school will allow me to take my assessments earlier; those that clashes with my departure for SG. Damn, i heard they are rather touchy on leaving earlier for holidays. *fingers crossed*

The weather over there sounds damm good! It's so FREAKING HOT down here. You can even perspire inside an air-con room. Beat that!

You know today I woke up to see the room temp at 13degrees celcius!!! Usually in summer it would be like 25+ and autumn, like slightly >20... LoL LoL

Freezing in school.. Wonder how nutty can stand the cold without jumper man. o.O
Wish u luck for getting earier assessments! otherwise can delay coming back to s'pore or not?
Touchy about leaving earlier... Well ain't entirely your fault. You didn't know about the paper. Good luck. Hope you get to sit for it earlier. Perhaps they would use your accumulated scores from your daily assignments as the grade? That's what some of my tutors use to do when we miss our CAs (with MCs of cos).
jordan: die, when i get back i confirm sweat like siao liao. after being in the cooler climate for 5 months.

pat: siao bo. this morning was 3.5C leh...where got 13C so high? keke. nutty trying to lose weight right? this is not the right way in my opinion.

AKK; thanks! buey sai leh, i got the tix 3 months back. haha. krisflyer promo, must fly by june.

Meow: ya loh, no idea about the paper, damn the school really. we don't have daily assignments. i rather do the test really.

Miss.. I mean room temperature lah.. HurHurHur.

Tsktsk, I wanna join in the fun with her too. :D~~~
pat: u want another honest opinion?lol "you guys are crazy, getting sick along with losing weight is a stupid thing to do. whats the point really?"
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