Monday, June 06, 2005

So much hype

for this two ang-mo

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Hoo-ha on this lah…

Meet Takumi & Gang.
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I prefer Ryosuke Takahashi & his FC though. Haha.
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Premieres 1st July Worldwide. Stay Tuned.

I gotta get my hands on brad pitt and rape him
Huh? Not Jay Chou meh?
powerpuff: eee..zheng yuan chang better..muhahaha..:x

jayaxe: ya lah. is jay zhou as takumi. use original anime pic nicer mah. haha.

How bout ashton kutcher and donnoe who in " a lot like love "? hotter than brad pitt and whatever angelina-snatched-aniston's bf-don't-even-know-whether-true-or-not.


In April hor... this movie in SinGaPore... very big big leh. There's this very tua poster of him across Cineleisure's movie theatre area.... HaHaHa.

Very Hamsum Ah. You Know ah, I like ashtonn kutccher ahh.. very hamsum ah...


Oh yah. seeyou in school tmr hor.
pat: eh u like kutcher ah..u see ryan reynolds lah..lagi better. that fella from blade:trinity

who humsup? u ah? haha.
we have our own favourites mah....

i dont mind ashton. jaychou im not too familiar.

kachuaz you hansem or not? can rape?
powerpuff: kachuaz is not a ta bor leh. lolz.
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