Monday, June 13, 2005

One of Life's Valuable Lessons

Things you never treasure till they are gone [momentally that is].

This is a soul searching post for the 5 months that i've been here [yes, i know i have been saying "5 months" "5 months" for umpteen times now, but yup, it's been 5 months].

Things that i've seen in the family that i'm currently living with; situations that makes me shake my head and smile at the fact "why are they doing this?" "so bu hui zuo ren" [directly translated to mean: "so dunno how to be human", meaning insensitive]. So demanding of the family members among many more things.

Then again, i realized that i've been as immature as them while back in SG, towards my own family. It's quite laughable quite. At myself.

Over here, I'm picking up after people's trails, likewise how my family picks up after mine back home. Getting to feel how it's like now. Retribution, i thought earlier, not now though, i tend to think of it as "one of life's valuable lessons". As least, i'll appreciate my family more as of now.

It's weird now that i don't mind doing stuff, as well as compromising myself for those whom i know for 5 months, that i'm not so forgiving of my own family.
Maybe, it's because that it's family that we demand more?

I feel ashamed now looking back. Truly.

we are all a mirror image of each other. (n_n)
Haha! That's life isn't it? We always have to be in others shoes before we learn to appreciate things. Always have to look back in regret before we learn to treasure the present and future.
Its a fact of life that we tend to abuse our family members. Hmm.. maybe its infront of our family members that you see the real you. Family is a place we think of as being private and somewhere we relax & be urself. Being urself often becomes being selfish --> thus the ugly situation we keep seeing.

But at least there's one thing we could be sure. Despite how u quarrel, if u hav an outsider messing with ur family nobody would take it lying down.

Quote of the day: "Nobody messes with my family but me".
being away really makes you much more appreciative of your own family, doesn't it? i find it so too. in a way, mine has become closer partly because i've gone away!

heh, carlton cold is goooood, right? :)
er...i got confession...i can lose my temper with my family, but all my friends think I'm really demure and sensible...

I'm like you actually, but I'm trying hard to short with my friends, that is. :)
thats why we have to try not take our famliy for granted
ppl tend to do that
woohoo! 13 days more til you get back! how is it with the exams? they letting you take an earlier paper before you zip off?

when are you getting back? i am thinking of coming to perth during my semester break! :)
You'll most likely change your thinking after a period abroad. I don't know, but I don't think I changed a lot though.
nad: i don't quite get you?

dap: not really regretting, just glad that i have realized. hee hee.

meow: ehh..maybe quite in the quote =)

spyda: yup, carlton cold good ah. light and easy to drink. been drinking too much of the heavier stuff.

assessments actually, exams clear liao, yet to approach the sch about it, trying to avoid direct confrontation, but don;t think possible, will be clearing things up hopefully by monday.

moi will be back on the 17th of july, in perth that is.hee hee.

AKK: exactly~ i'm trying to curb my temper.

i'm quite hot tempered both with friends and family, apparently i got a permanent "black" face according to some friends. haha. have to smile everytime.

that's tiring. =P

powerpuff: trying not too =)

jayaxe: think probably i'm feeling uncomfortable is 'cuz i'm staying with another family. think i will be better off staying by myself or with friends.haha.

feels like an intruder into their lives. suppression and restrictions.
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