Sunday, June 05, 2005


Fuck, I seriously can't wait to get my sorry ass back to SG. I need a breather. This place is so restricting mentally.

I want to hang out with my buddies and gangs. Drink like a fish with them. Yak non stop till the break of dawn. "K" till siao. Do crazy stunts in the middle of the night. Scold "chee bye" , "nabeh" etc like a chao gangster, with people actually understanding what you say. People to crack lame jokes with, and yet again, them understanding what the fuck you are saying. Go Kranji racecourse and see the ah-peks and aunties "pua be", hear them scream "zao ah, zao! san ho san ho, yi ho yi ho!" Go kopitiam eat pig organ soup and "kopi gao".

Damn, I hate ginas.

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nah, give you the middle finger. that's "fuck" for you ignorants. Muhahahaha.


ginas are a whole big bunch of ca si lang little creatures who go zao-ing here and there eh eh gio.....CA SI LANG!!!


come back sooooonnnn!!!

sounds very much like a terrible homesick. I don't understand nabeh up until now after reading so many singaporean blogs.
But you can freely spout hokkien vulgarities in caucasian places and no one will understand you mah...
haha! Oei...what happened man? Hardly see you so crude unless you're really pissed. Guess aussie must be really driving you nuts?
And 30 more days i'll be gone :) :(
haha... ur blog is god-damn funny.
yeash~! We need you in singapore too~! come back~!

Ginas are not so bad lah... they're like the gahmen, everything also need to censor out...

serene: wahhaa~ i like that eh eh gio part. damn farnie.

milktea: "nabeh" is sort of like an expression ah. "sort of like wah lau eh", but more vulgar. lolz.

jayaxe: sometimes u say liao, no 1 understands also not shiok. haha~!

dap: don't worry, mua venting frustration. chill~!

twit: 30 days till go where?

kate: haha. thanks. not often i'm that crude thou. guess it wouldnt be that farnie soon. lol. cheers

nadesico: yeah, diah~ long time no see. thou you mati. :x

pat: nice 1 =P
ST, wat time is ur flight ah? c can go fetch u anot?
YH, will be in the afternoon of a weekday. think you at work leh. hee hee. =P
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tke off 4 u loh...hehe muz b touched butz mi goin hk on either the 4th or 5th loh so b4 tat muz go K hor....tke off go K...afternoon cheaper..hehe
YH: wah, dun take off on that day lah, kinda waste your day off, keep it. We go K den take off can liao. =)
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