Saturday, June 04, 2005

of thosais and movies

dunno about you people, but i kinda like to watch those hindu movies on premiere 12 or is it prime 12 back when i was in secondary school.

those 3-hour long hindu movies on sundays' 4pm. i like them together with the mass dancers in the fields, mountains, oh yes, the "peek around from the trees" dance, blah blah blah.

they are enchanting at times, indian music. it really is. You will be surprised how some of the plots are much more interesting that those channel 8 or 5 prime time serials.

i like indian crusine too~

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masala thosai, 1 of my favs

Haha! I never knew that I shared that same interest with you; watching indian flicks! Go watch Dev Das and Khabi khusin khabi khan(sp) if you can get it! Highly recommended! lol!
Wow, you're also into all things Indian. I bet you must have tried and loved the Muthu's Curry at Race Course Road in Little India huh?
dap: haha! okie okie. will try.

jayaxe: hmm..not really sure, sometimes i eat stuff den forget the names. maybe i did. lolz.
I like roti in curry sauce.
Check Out "Meer Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai"...

Love the music from that film... "Sharara" is nice...
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