Thursday, June 09, 2005

Moonlight Bay

my all time favourite campfire song
We were sailing along
On moonlight bay
We can hear the voices singing,
They seems to say
You have stolen my heart (I have stolen your heart)
Now don't go away (Now don't go away)
As we sing this old sweet song on moonlight bay (on moonlight bay)
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Heyz wat time ur flight ah? hmmm....if u cum back tat dae wi go k would u mind?
i remember that from my Boy Scout days...
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YH: i coming back on a thurs afternoon ah, reaching approx 1330hrs. u have to work leh?

stoned.nerd: scouts and guides combined campfire.keke.
hehe...At n I was thinkin of goin chiong on ladies nitez, which would b the 29th of june loh...hehe den wi take leave on 30th of june, thurs...den wi can go fetch u n go out loh...butz wi haven cnf anythin yet lah...juz thinkin abt it onli....
wah piangz. so eager to see me ah? hahaa.

think arrange on 1st or 2nd july?

cuz the first day i get back have to cut hair first. haha
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