Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Poooi Lah, Damn L-bo

Hypocrisy leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I pity those who trust you.


Heyz ST...wi mit up on 2nd of July which is a sat k....den wi go sing ktv or watever u feel like doin lah coz i 4th of July goin 2 HK liao so tot of mitin u up 1st b4 i leave 4 my holidae
I think horrr..

I have to read out everything I see on screen, word for word..
Like just now, free period.. Wah seh. I thought I saw Lo-bo instead of L-Bo.. Wakakakaka. I'm going blind.. Can't read propaly. can't type, speak and listen propally also.. Wah seh...
YH: ya also can. hee hee. steamboat! ktv!

pat: wat lobo..think u in army ah..keke.
what's lobo.. hahahaha.
sounds errrr. kinda funky?!

kk so set ah...wi go out tat dae ah...i will contact the rest...
Simi army mah... I go army also muz tak chek... sianz...

Everyday study study study... Can fry brain de...
YH: yupz~
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