Saturday, June 11, 2005

Char Siew Rice, Anyone?

Was reading LMD’s Bee Hoon Girl

And I was reminded of a particular incident back in early ’00 where I was still in secondary school. My school makes the students line up in the “parade square” prior to returning to class for the next period. So it was one of those after recess time that it happened….

Me: [lining up in a single file as usual]

Girl behind me: [talking to the fella behind her] “eh, you ok anot? You look very pale leh,, need to go sick bay?”

Fella behind her: “no lah, don’t need, I ok lah.”

Me: [at this point, I kpo liao, turned behind to look-see] “wah, you really look pale leh, face white-white.”

[then, I turned around]

Next time you know that fella puked out his lunch, that he had minutes earlier. Lucky thing, he was fast enough not to have puked all over the girl in front of him, just slightly to the side of her. That however didn’t stop the girl from screaming “aarrhhhhhh!!!!”

Turned around and saw some orange semi-solid stuff on the ground, I asked “eh ZL, you had char siew rice for lunch ah? Can see the half digested char siew.”

People surrounding me from the other classes and as well as my classmates “wah lau eh KC, still observe the vomit, bo liao lah.”

ZL: [still kind of pale, covering his mouth with the tissue paper handed out to him by helpful friends] “ya lah, had char siew rice”

Me: “how come puke ah? Food poisoning?”

ZL: “no lah, just now after lunch, was running around the parade square with the others.”

Me: *speechless* “wah lau you don’t after eating a meal cannot do exercise meh? Siao ah.”

ZL: “aiya, didn’t think will really puke mah”

Me & the rest of the people surronding: (-_- )

At that point of time, the teachers weren’t around ‘cause the assembly where overseen by counselors aka prefects, big asses in my opinion, never like people ordering me about especially if they were of the same age group or younger!!

Anyway, no teacher saw the commotion; think the school attendants later on cleared up the mess. Damn “zia lat”

Be-hold… Char Siew Rice Guy….

Once I remember in pri sch, i so wanted to save money, I ate the cheapest thing available, green bean soup. i got so sick of it that during class, I vomited on my she was all green...
If this "ZL" you're talking about is the same ZL whom I think I know...

He's working at Downtown East Burger King... Enlisting soon, the middle of June...
hahaha. damn gross. observe people's rice still.
the next time i plan to do strenuous exercise after a meal, i'll make sure i'll eat cool stuff like lambchops or steak. so that i can puke with pride.
Yah lor, still went on to observe what people had just now!

Er, did anyone actually see any numbers forming in the vomit? Can go buy lottery mah...
AKK: envy? hee hee

gene: yup, that "ZL", kaoz, haven enlist ah...he damn late sia...

twit: ya..i even observe my stools. serious~

milktea: haha..milk tea alot of pride liao. drink den puke milk tea lah. not too bad

bohemianlisa: welcome can say that again. but it was interesting lah~
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