Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I have sinned!

on sunday morning.

imagine a AUD$14 breakfast at Dome, think i'm nutz. that's the equivalence of SGD$17 odd for a plate of 2 eggs, 5 or 6 strips of bacon, 2 toasted bread, half a grilled tomato, 3 irish sausages, a small bowl full of grilled mushrooms, 1 hashbrown.

that excludes the drink...lol. siao liao. indulgence is sinful.

it's called "The Big Breakfast", definately nothing like Mr Ronald Mcdonald's. had it for bunch and didn't have anything else till 6pm. keke.

P.S : after ordering, i was doing the convertion and realized that i could have eaten at least 3 sets of Mac's Big Breakfast. pengz.

ahahahaha.......so in the end, I guess you go back to fast food ah? Dome too ex lah...:)
Haha. Still better than here ar. I went to starbucks with my friends and spent almost 17 pound (S$51). That's for 4 drinks and 2 slices of cake, each drink abt S$9 and each slice abt S$7.50! And the cakes don't taste as good at those in sg.
That's not surprising, considering you're in the land of everything-expensive-except-cars-and-milk !
I thought Australia is supposed to be cheap when it comes to food?

I still remember places where they serve cheap chinese food BUFFET for like AUD$5?

Haha, all the fried rice you can eat.

The only thing cheap here... is the services that they provide!

no. it's not a sin to love yourself and indulge sometimes.

anyway, if that's a sin, i'd go to hell when I die. i indulge too much.
wah 3 big breakfast...*stomach growling*
AKK: no lah, just a comparison.hee hee

dap: wah piang, so damn ex!

jayaxe: you forgot the booze~ :P

tempest blue: wah piangz, only eat fried rice? lolz. but i think that's sometime ago liao bah? cuz nowadays quite ex for food.

pat: mai hiam buey pai bah. haha. service FOC leh

milktea: haha, with all the milk tea u drinking ah? keke

ah 9: hmm..never try mac's big breakfast over here. dunno nice anot. keke. maybe....someday?
hmm... speaking of breakfast.. I've been hoping to find someone who lives nearby to go for mac donalds breakfast.

U come back we go ok?
meow: boleh boleh. great to have a chat while we eat. keke.
ehh.. miss. Wa buay read and hiao hokkien eh..

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