Saturday, June 04, 2005


You guess it right, had my first ever meal at Mr Ronald's after 4 plus month in the country. the quarter pounder meal was disappointing. Kind of soggy and flatten. 2 slices of bread squashed inbetween with a patty of beef. couldn't even visably see the dressing inbetween till I peel open the burger [if peel is the right word to use, hey, it was soggy].
Sure didnt live up to my expectations of an inch thick patty, with thick yellow mustard sauce and pickles, as seen in advertisments.
Then again, adverts are cons. Sian half.
Shot of the day
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taken in early autunm. in my neighbourhood.

Yes, the quarter pounder can be a dissappointment at times there in Australia. But I tell you, it's DOUBLE quarter pounder is damn good because it's usually made with the customer's order. Then again, it's damn fattening though.

I guess it's good to hear that it took you more than 4 months before you touched Mac. I was like having it for supper every other day when I was studying there. Cannot help, winter makes it easy to get hungry and there's hardly other food except Mac. It took me lots of working out before I went back to shape. Heh.

Nice shot.
WOW! That's one the best shots I've seen so far! Like pro man. Awesome!
jayaxe: wah sei. power. it's hard not to gain weight over here ah.

pat: thanks, patty

jordan: thanks too~~ mua not even amatuer. just a lucky shot lah which turned out alright.
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