Saturday, June 25, 2005

Movie Baa-ton

Another baa-ton, this time by Siew Pat, jolly well knowing that mua hardly watch movies 'cuz it's freaking expensive in perth as well as SG. i'll do my best goes nothing....

Total Number of films I own on DVD/Video

Crap sia. I hardly watch movies, much less buy them. haha. i got the P* version of Band of Brothers DVD thou. hahaha. plus P* version of Catch Me If You Can. That's a total of 2.

The Last Film I Bought

None. Lucky me, I don't buy them.

Five Films I Like Alot

Catch Me If You Can. Brains and more brains.

Scent of A Woman. About an old man. Not a woman. lol.

The Godfather Series. Mafia & Al Pacino. Enough said.

Rudy. Inspirational.

Infernal Affairs Series. Mind boggling.

Passing it over to Meow

Yesh! going to watch initialD in SG!

Wahh.. HaHaHa.

I just want to watch Herbie reloaded and Bewitched! :D~~~

Eh seh.. you know the be-a-uni student day.. I was so freaking pissed at some ah*m@h lang..

Coming back to Singapore soon eh? Must be feeling damm excited no?
catch me if you can! sad and funny at the same time! :)
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