Friday, June 17, 2005

Good O' Weekend

ahh yess..the weekend is here again..

cleared another 2 assessments this week, damn the education system over here...had 4 assessments since the MYEs concluded 2 weeks if you do abit of division, that's 2 assessments per week, and more upcoming [think at least another 3 or 4, totally nutz]

skipped dinner today, had a nap and watched Big Brother Friday Night Live, had a cup of coffee.

don't know why but i have been having a dull headache ever since waking up from the nap. sort of like, having 4 stubbies and feel drowsy /or kena a light wack to the occipital region of my brain

yet to find out about whether i'll be able to take the assessment prior to leaving for SG, think some of them might be alright, just the english assessment would be a slight prob.

ah well..still crossing fingers.

Image hosted by
drowsy lah....

The dog is so cute!!!
you're going back to Spore for a holiday. Wow, that's nice.
hullo kachuaz

All the best with the elacs thingy. :D~~~

Remember to buy my shokubutsu.

wakakakakkakaka :D~
clarise: haha. random pic off the net.

anna: yup, going back, thank god for that.

pat: thanks ah, think man wong is going to be trouble thou.

haha, yeah yeah, your green tea shokubutsu
er....4 panadols for your headache? eheheh...

is that doggie yours?! *gasp* so adorable!
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