Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Yet another thing i realized about myself

I ain't exactly very nice to my competitors. I have a selfish streak in me. And it's quite a bold one. I guess I don't handle competitions very well. I get very uptight over the slightest things.

I do apologize to anyone whom I have been mean to in one way or another. My life till today, I realized that the things I do is for myself solely, often enough I don't put others into consideration.

Survival of the fittest, that is if I don't do it myself, no one will help me. That's the bottom line. In my opinion.


Say guy hamsum, you say I humsup.. liews.. then those girls don't look at guys called what?! ABNORMAL SIA LAH.

Buay song... LAI AH..
One on One.

[ that's my favourite phrase recently :D:D ]

Lai ah!!!!
hahaha...i also humsup loh. i also see guys 1 leh. I'm NORMAL.


Li bao su eh, wa ka li kong.

Competitors as in who??
eh. wa buay tiao hokkien seh...

i try to translate see whether correct or not hor.
ai pa lai ah > not scared come ah?
buay kia li > sure, no problem?
li bao su eh > you confirm die?
wa ka li kong > this one is the easiest.. meaning i tell you ah!


Lao di fang.... see you there.

well, you dont have to be sorry that you are mean. you will just have less ppl liking you. but if you only care about your own survival, why bother if less ppl like you? besides your friends whom are already your friends will love you even if you are evil.
ya, what competition?
we are all selfish.
Pa pa pa...pa xi mi lan...pcc ah...hehe...
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jayaxe, anna: competitors as in , in general

powerpuff, milktea: right on

pat: not really correct translation..haha...

ai pa lai ah > want to fight come ah
buay kia li > not scared of you
li bao su eh > you confirm lose
wa ka li kong > last 1 correct ah..but who dunno. lolz.

YH: pai sei hor..aku cannot pcc. u want can try urself. hahaa.
Oh you mean people who compete for grades, bus seats, etc, etc huh...
i agree with you. i hate to lose as well. competition drives me on.

it's dark out there. welcome to the jungle.
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