Saturday, August 06, 2005

Return of the Kachuaz!

yesh i'm back!

not that anyone misses me right. lol.

moved to my new place last saturday. have to say the new location is so much better. can get my stuff & other barang barangs with ease.

damn the telcom company, take so damn blardy long to re-connect the phone line. that's why i MIA for so long.

watched a movie "the island" for $6.50 [ha! still cheaper than SG] blardy hell, mistook "the island" for another movie; one which is about a group of scientists travelling back to the past and then accidentally changing the future when they "stepped off the path". what movie is that ah? damn, i thought it was "the island"......

Glad to have u back here again. I'm tuned in for the infrequent digest that u provide of ur life. haha.
I think it must be "Timeline". But that is a last few years sorta film! ^_~
Grr... stupid ticket hike.

it's called!


You're back. OK I go get the Baygon. kekeke....
Ya i think i kena spam on my site. Damn.
Eh u really missing things man! They're setting off fireworks in tampines at the flat land next to SunPlaza. More celebrations and sales around this period just before the actual day too.
wat the hell sia..

btw my home phone line still inactive. blardy telstra!

apparently i was using my housemate's line for the past 2 days....sigh...
its bout time u r back...hehe
meow, pat, LL, 9: haha..yeah!

nad: you can say that again and again and again..the blardy hike indeed.

sansele: is a recent flim i'm sure. cuz i saw the trailer while watching "war of the worlds"
congrats onthe new house, man!
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