Wednesday, August 17, 2005

O' busy busy busy-ness

been quite busy the past few days; insufficient sleep, sleepovers, missing last bus, presentation, test, excursion, seminar such such. ha.

haven felt that lethargic in quite awhile. yeah yeah call me the old bag of bones and flesh. =) hmm..found feedback recently that i've been rather "negative" in my posts. so, i must be more positive and crap lame stuff liao ah? that includes more smileys' no? =) =) =) <-----nah!

then again, i have to say i'm more of a great worrier. worrying is me. i worry about missing the bus, not on schedule, getting lost, even the weekly spelling test back in primary school. everything has to be proceeding smoothly. my way. haha.

oh ya...been told not to stone so much. then again, stoning is also me! peeps back in SG will tell you how much i stone. most of the time, friends will talk and i'll be the one listening. i discover the "crappy-er" side of me in poly, with the CLS club peeps. nowadays my crap and lameness got skill 1 ok! dun pray pray ah!

just found the wonders of shoutcast...hhaa.. am slow no??

Image hosted by
head scratch. at the PnR.check out the story here.

Bz little bumble bee. Haha. Things are starting to move in for me too.. need to get use to it liao. Missing the holidays already & i'm only in my 2nd week of sch.

Sleepy n not understanding my readings le. think i shd go to bed nitez..
relac hor! dun worry so much! :)
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