Friday, August 12, 2005

The Naked Chef. Jamie Oliver.

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The Naked Chef

eh...why is he called the naked chef ah? weird nick sia....

anyway why suddenly blog about this fella.

overheard the school librarian [the older, not so PMS-ing one, people from MC can tell you how PMS-y the 2 librarians are like, i swear] asking this bunch of Yr 10 [i think] guys, "so you need so many of you to borrow a tape?" [like what the hell, they want the damn tape then give them lah, mak fuss for what. super bo liao. jia pa bo sia pang. then make so much noise disturb the peace in the library, then mp3 players are prohibited. how to freaking study you tell me lah!!!!]

i digress. the main point is not me getting upset over the PMS-y librarian. is the tape in question.

"so you want the tape on Jamie Oliver?" afterwhich, i didnt pay attention to the conversation. chionging homework.

suddenly thought of the cook book by Jamie Oliver that i got for my aunt for her birthday last year. ever since, she is pretty hooked on his tv programmes, she even managed to obtained P* of the programmes. power sia, considering the fact she know nuts about d/ls. keke.

think i might get a part 2 for my aunt's collection when i get back to SG. The book is atrociously priced over here.

oohh...ya..for all you know that "Jamie Oliver" tape might have not even been the chef..maybe some famous poet, writer, historic figure, artist or something.... hahaaaaaaaaaaa..........

bo liao right this post. bo pian. jia pa bo sia pang. blah. shoot me.

*piang* shoot! heheheehe.....i think jamie very unhygenic...
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