Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Just A Quote

i found to be rather amusing.keke. no time to type a proper entry. make do. make do!

from a current novel i'm reading. taking way too long to read it too.

"We have 4% of the world population. We have 18% of the world economy. But we have 50% of lawyers. And 35 000 pouring out of law schools every year.

That's where our productivity is directed. There's where our national focus is. Half of our TV shows are about lawyers.

America has become Land of Lawyers. Everyone suing. Everybody disputing. Everybody in court.

After all, 3/4 of a million American lawyers have to do something. They have to make their $300 000 a year.

Other countries think we're crazy."

[taken from "Rising Sun" by M. Crichton]

If that is true and they don't control the amt of students qualifying each yr they would soon end up exporting lawyers to which ever country that needs them.

Otherwise.. the birthrate had better catch up with the number of lawyers generated or every Tom, Dick & Harry on the streets of America would have a lawyer waiting to sue the pants off u. :-P
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