Saturday, August 27, 2005

Mua, Mua & Mua

plug the following from freewheeler's, just for fun liao know more about Da Roach~~

1. Would you marry for money? true love baby! lol

2. Have you had braces?- nope, i guess pretty soon bah

3. Could you live without a computer?- nah! i get withdrawal syndromes. haha. kidding on the later part.

4.If you could live in any past time period when will it be?- i'm pretty happy with the present world. maybe back to the '90s

5. Do you drink enough water?- never. i'm guilty of not drinking enough.

6.Do you wear shoes in the house or take it off?- of cuz take it off lah, dirty the entire house meh

7.What are your favorite fruits?- durian, banana, papaya

8. What is your favorite place to visit?- eh...europe bah...i want to go to the oktoberfest at least once in this lifetime

9. Are you photogenic?- haha. kidding me, i dislike taking photos.

10. Do you dream in colour or black and white ?- not sure

11.Why do you take surveys?- only take them when i'm very very bored [like now]

12. Do you drink alcohol? - yesh of cuz ~ but i'm clean for 3 weeks now. keke

13. Do you like being kissed when you are asleep?- wahaha! shamelessly to say. i don't mind! keke. but only kantangs need apply!

14. Do you like sunrises or sunsets the most?- rainy days can?

15. Do you want to live to be 100?- no

16. Is a flat stomach important to you?- i wouldnt say its not important, nor is it very important

17.When you watch movies at home, do you like the lights switched on or off?- usually watch with the lights on, never occur to me to switch them off.

18. Do you believe in magic?- not harry potter definately. LOL

19. Do you like to watch cartoons?- used to. i love teenage mutant ninja turtles lah! leonardo, donatello, raphael & michaelangelo. so cool names for such cool turtles! cowabunga dude!

20. At what age did you find out that Santa Clausdid not exist?- mua not christian. dun believe in santa claus, christmas is just another public holiday.

21. Do you write poetry?- never, i don't talk in rhyme....

22. Do you snore?- don't think so

23. you sleep more on your back, front,or sides?- sides

24. Would you rather have a poodle or arottweiler?- GSD or husky can?

25. Are you basically a happy person?- haha! i'm the great worrier.

26.Are you tired?- of this survey? ok, still hanging in there

27. Did you drink anything with caffeine in it today?- funny you should ask, i just had a cuppa kopi

28. How many phones do you have in your house?- i share house leh...personally i have only 1 handphone. no house phone.

29. Do you get along with your parents?- no

30. Do u smoke?- never

31. Do you like/love anyone now? - yup, kantangs loh.

32. What will you do if you're sad?- either lock myself in my room, plug in my earphones or start drinking. i'm not the verbal sort.

33. What you need most now?- warmth

34. What song you listenin to now? - "大海爱蓝天" by Eddy Pang

35. What are you craving for now? - teh tarik

dOn't dRiNk sO muCh.. .. ..

i want my milo!
Kantangs = English educated (eat potatoes) people?

Oh yes, I missed the teh (peng)tariks along with pratas while I was in Australia!
dreaming in black or white? wierd....

I crave teh beng all the time...
dj: no lah, not that frequent liaozz

pat: go coles and buy loh, can drink liao.keke

jayaxe: haha, nope not the "jia kantang" people. is a classification of the type of guys i like. lolz. So how is "so Cute" ah? keke

AKK: wah liew least u go to the nearest kopitiam have liao..sob sobzz..
harlo... i got to know more stuff eh..
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