Friday, August 26, 2005

Feelin' Heng

feeling very heng today sia...

lets start from last night,

mua reached home only to discover that mua earphones were missing! shit!
took the earlier bus to school this morning and heng heng found the earplugs with the librarian at the counter. wah seh, if not i'm gonna heartache liao.. $70+ bucks down the drain.

managed to catch the buses today almost without having to wait umpteen "hours" for it, the buses were like reaching upon mua was at the bus stop. on top of that, the bus after school didnt stop at the PnR, wah! save at least 10mins onboard.

accompanied my housemate to her old place to collect some stuff, and i was waiting on the neighbour's lawn. stepped off it and cross to the other side, reached the other side, turned around and found the sprinklers to have just switched on! Heng yet again, if not kena soaked liao.

had 3 tests today though, quite alright i guess. feel good and everything moves along smoothly.


yayyy! good days must savour and remember when u are feeling down next time!!!:)
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