Sunday, September 04, 2005

Soccer not Football, you sucka

Since coming over earlier this year, I have only watched 1 soccer match. No, not the socceroos or crap local soccer. The real stuff, EPL. The one and only match was the 2004/2005 FA Cup Final of Man United against ‘em Arse. Crap results shall not go much into it.

I was deprived of soccer action. Didn’t get to watch the weekly matches. Damn! Paul Scholes isn’t getting any younger should watch all his matches till 2008 [contract ends then]. I’m a major fan of Paul Scholes, and super anti-“Bake Hams”. Don’t tell me how good the latter is, I’m just bias. HA!

Since then, I started following the local Football League [AFL they call it] whenever I have the time on Fridays, Sats and Suns. The very first match I saw was that of St Kilda’s vs. Sydney Swans, quite entertaining once you get around how the game is being played.

Current joint table leaders are the Adelaide Crows & the West Coast Eagles [surprise surprise, WA has something good. Ha!]. Apparently their skipper is sort of the poster boy in this part of the country.

Any “football” action is better than no football action. I guess.

And I’m going to miss the World Cup action next year. Wah Piang Oi…..

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Paul "He Score Goals" Scholes, The Ginger Prince

Aussie soccer is very boring, didn't even bothered to watch a single match while I was there! I thought its rugby is more exciting especially with the rugby world cup held there in 2002.

By the way, you should be able to catch world cup action in places like pubs and casinos! That was where I went while Euro 04 was taking place. But such places are quite rowdy, so be careful if you go there and watch.
my housemate's soccer-mad as well. but she's learnt to watch (and criticise) footy matches. and even cricket too! haha. the depths of desperation one sinks to.
eh u in perth too? same predicament here siah! knn!! my housemates dunwan to subscribe to foxtel somemore so for last season i only got to watch FA cup final and the Champions league final.

do u study in UWA? eh u sure next year WC we will miss meh? won't WC be around mid/end june? Oh yah, if u miss watching EPL, i was told one bar in Burswood and another bar in Captain Stirling in Nedlands screen EPL matches so u might wanna check it out.
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