Friday, September 02, 2005

pooot pooot

For the past few weeks now, I have been farting quite frequently. Till the point it is getting quite annoying. I mean if you fart every 1 hrs or so, isn’t that irritating?

In classes [of cause discreetly lah.duh], in toilets [can’t fart loudly if I’m outside, sa-ka-li people outside can hear, very “malu” you know], on buses, while walking, shopping, [ok, think you peeps get the point].

Think is cause of my diet, I know that excessive carbohydrates caused fart, further information shows that most of the stuff I eat causes excessive endogenous gas buildup.
For example,

Milk, yogurt, cabbage, broccoli, bread, rice…then again these are staple stuff leh.

Wah piang eh….How ah?

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Read more about flatulence here. Pooot pooot.


maybe we should start a farting club.
Actually I am like that too, I can't avoid things like rice and onions... help there, man! I'm not a natural farter, perhaps try burping instead?heheheh........
i have been farting and burping a lot more too since i came to melbs. maybe it will diminish when i return to singas...?

hope yours will, too!
Try not to kip the fart in, anything that your body rejects its normally for a gd reason. ;-)

Know how pai-seh it can be to fart in public. Rather socially unacceptable.. Haiz. Try to be discreet lor. Hope it gets better.
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