Thursday, September 29, 2005

I almost died-ed

I was contemplating whether to blog about the incident later this morning. ‘cuz it is seriously malu

I’m so bored and not focusing today that “to hell with it, I will blog.” and let you guys have a good laugh before dinner to work up your appetite

Was on the way home after mucking around mugging at conz’ place last night. As 鱼圆 would have blogged on my not-so-quiet departure.

Dropped by Bullcreek for some quick groceries shopping, was at the bus stop waiting for the bus, when this Chinese fella [whom initially I thought was a cheena native china Chinese] alighted from this bus and also waited at the bus stop.

I was stoning spacing out, when he approaching me and asked “has the 11.15 bus left?”

I replied, “ah, no, haven’t come yet.”

He said, “oh ok, good then.”

I continued to stone space out…

Then, he continued asking , “did you just came here?”

In my mind I was like thinking “kaoz, newbie foreign students also have a particular look one ah?”

I replied, “ya, just came earlier this year.”

At this point in time, I was trying to place his accent “confirm either cheena china Chinese or indo-chinese”

I asked and it turns out he was Indonesian Chinese alright. After a few more mins, it turned out he has been here for 2 years studying engineering at UWA.

Where is the interesting bit ??? …wait lah..patience…

I was thinking “这样好死, like that also can strike conversation?”

Blardy hell the very next thing he asked about me, I tell you I almost fainted on the spot.

He asked, “Don’t you have to do national service?”


I not guy leh, do what national service???!!?????

I was seriously too embarrassed to tell him I’m not a guy, that I dumbly said,” ahh..not yet

OMG, I actually said that!!!!!

Confirm alot of you chio ka peng liao….
Recapping the incident, I already feel like dying..

So suay heng, that fella also took the SAME bus as me to the SAME stop some more. He was working at the mall’s foodcourt.

That 20mins was seriously like going on forever.

Now I can add the 6th point to the “7 Things I Am Scared Of” section in the se7en barr-ton

Being mistaken as a guy, WTF??


This type of incident hasn’t happened in a long time liao, it really doesn’t help that I still have short hair, boyish features?, wearing a big jumper [‘cuz the mornings are cold and windy over here] and carrying a big bagpack.

Go on. Chio bah. Wa zhun bi ho liao.

Ok.. That's bad. Why not try to add some symbols to hint to the blur ones out there so noboby has to face this awkward situation again. E.g. Change hairstyle, kind of clothes (often the most obvious indicator) etc.

Aiya should have just told him "girls don't need to do NS". Answers his query and also tells him you're female. Your "not yet" going to make it worse. Now he'll be convinced u're a guy.
yo chiobu!

relax lah... wear more skirts.. dresses..

HUR. as if i do like that. oh well.
just lac lah! maybe you should hang a sign there...

"Female Roach Coming Thru, SIAM!"

flash him your boobs! haha! or tell him to mind his own business lah!
Thank goodness he's not a Kantang...
Chuaz doesn't wear skirts, remember?
You should tell him that you are excused from National Service. :)

hahahah...u should slap him and burst into tears!!! But i also never. I got called as boy and male all the time, so i can enter guy toilet without being discovered. Oh well, nvm lah. long hair and skirt lor.:)
lol. aiya, u saw my reaction liao.

sherissa: time to go for some 'princess' lessons. LOL. (sekali put u on that new reality show, Australian Princesses... =P)
meow: haha. stupid lah me. you know i cant keep long hair and i dun like dresses.. ;P

pat: wat wrong person lah. HAHA. female roach sounds so yucks.

spyda: he wasnt rude or anything, shouldnt ask him to mind his own biz lah. not so nice. hee hee. flesh boobs? ehh...also not very nice. HA

gene: yeah thank god not kan tang, and yeah i pretty much wouldnt wear a skirt. tell meow, hahaha

LL: at that point in time, i was rather stumped and stoned. ahha

serene: no no long hair no way ho-sayy..

AKK: no no long hair, NO NO~~!! :)i ever went into a guys toilet b4 too. didnt kena spotted. hee hee

conz: wat the hell~~!! wat australian princess, so bimbotic!!!
omg, i cant believe you actually suggested princess lessons. pengzzz
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