Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fire, Water, Wood & the rest

i thought that if i don't start writing about the past 2 weeks' events, i will most probably forget everything before the end of this week. ha!

in short:

Rain - was crazy for the past 2 weeks, with rain almost everyday and strong wind, and i thought it was the ending of winter...far from seems~~ crossing fingers for good weather this coming week, haven been shooting hoops for the past 1 week.

Fire - the lodge finally had a REAL fire, after dunno how many umpteen times of false alarms, the real mojo came on a tuesday late night (technically wednesday early wee morning at 0100hrs), was settling in the bed and really my then-latest novel, "Scarecrow" went the alarm went off, initially slow but gradually progressed to an urgent sounding 1, hence i packed up my VIB (verri important belongings) and headed down the fire stairs to the exterior of the building. fast forwarding all the events in between, i managed to get back to my room at 0300hrs. wasted 2 hours, no thanks to the idiot who most probably threw a smoking article into a luckily unoccupied room on level 2.

Wood - finished yet another book in 3 seatings, Matthew Reilly's "Scarecrow", highly recommended. very fast and intriguing novel

School - the bunch of us came up with these 2 new terms, namely, "Chucks" & "Duckens". While talking over lunch about the "not-so-glam" sidelines of the MC students over in Brighton. the conversation led to talks on "free-range poultry" and "barn poultry", with the hens known as the "Chucks" and the roosters known as the "Duckens", it's a hybrid thing, you know.

if i have lost you in the above paragraph, it's alright. haha.

Manchester United - the new season of EPL has started and i have been following the scores online quite frequently. A not so good start for the Devils, they lost (again!) in the Manchester Derby (shitified!!) and good o' reliable Scholesy scoring the only United goal to date, what the hell is going on ??!!??

Prac Classes - have finally started on Fridays, 24th was the 1st session; handled the sheeps and they were pretty easy once you have managed to floor them [yes, literally "floored" them] haha!

Tests - are coming up fast, OMFG.... better jia you

Jap Class - pretty good so far, but i have been lazy to recognize the Hiragana characters..haha...see if i have the time anot lah ah...haha...we will see

till the next post, ja mata ne~~

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