Friday, August 03, 2007

Have you got the Fever?!?

Satay Night Fever at 7pm later!

free local comfort makan and wine to go along (pai sei hor, wine is BYO, not FOC, hahha!!)

weather was pretty hot for the past 2 days, but turned much colder today as there were showers in the late morning till afternoon.

had YET another ktv session, siao gina bo!!! =D but i really think it has been too much ktv, kena overloaded liao. will guai guai go tak my che for the upcoming weekend and the week to follow.

oh ya, had the 1st gross anatomy dissection yesterday, fresh "sample", i named "him" Brownie, he is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. will not go into the details as to what i did to him, but let's just say we had to examine the respiratory tract from the frontal sinus to the different aspects of the lung lobes.

practical was good but also tiring. haha!

current temp : 13C

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