Saturday, August 11, 2007

yet another week gone by

the week came by quickly, and in celebration of the nation's birthday, we had a mini gathering cum potluck at a friend's place on the 9th... some of the spread included sardine roti john, meat pies, salad pasta, fried finger food and sweet potato soup... might have been others but i can't really remember.

oh ya, we watched the live telecast on the Net, was pretty much lagging half the time thou ~

Friday came and i didn't head for the booze and ktv this time =) instead a small bunch of us went for the free BBQ at rooftop and later adjourned for a chill session of playing cards and guitar at a friend's room which we finished off with a coffee session at Badde Manors ending the night at around one-ish....

today was a lazy day as well, had lunch at a newly opened Singapore Cafe by a coursemate's bro's friend & family (yeah, very far-off affiliation, i know), $8 for a plate of Hainanese Chicken Rice, pretty good, but will watch the frequencies of eating there. haha. trying to keep the expenses down this semester.

after which, headed to the famed Bondi Beach with 4 other friends and a dog =P, nothing much really, waves weren't high today, bet the surfers surf also sibei sian

think tomorrow will be a try-to-pull-up-my-socks-and-study day

Wish me luck ~~~

current temp : 21C [getting warmer now, we were wandering on the beach in shorts and flip flops]

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