Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Week Duo...

the event last week was not bad, chit chatted with a bunch of peeps till the wee morning. was initially kind of "stunned", overwhelmed by the no. of people crowding in the small apartment.

haven laughed that much in 1 night, really =)

also had a couple of cups of wine =P

met more new people =D

coming up is Satay Night on Friday!

week 2 of school, have to pick up the momentum liao....

tomorrow is a loooonnnggg day....

end school at 1pm but there is a group study after that and a Whaling Awareness Talk back in school at 6pm [that cost me 12 buckaroos, better be worth it!]

more details later.

currently: 22C [today was pretty hot, i guess it is just the absence of the wind]

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